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1. How do I find the Golden Acorn and claim my Supreme Rare Bobbleez?
You will find the Golden Acorn inside certain individual blind pack Bobbleez acorns. Once found, follow the instruction on the included coupon and email us your redemption code. We will then send you your Bobbleez Supreme Rare.
2. I am concerned about toy safety, and the chance of lead in my children's toys.
What processes are you following to ensure your toys are safe?
As parents ourselves, we understand your concern for your child’s safety. We follow rigorous testing procedures for all our toys, puzzles, and art activity items. As manufacturers, we follow US safety standards for materials used, quality control during the production process, and packaging. To learn more about toy safety, click here.
3. Why are your toys manufactured in overseas countries such as China?
Part of our brand value is that we are within the means of most families. Our overseas production facilities enable us to maintain our high materials and construction standards, while allowing us to sustain our affordable prices.
4. Are your toys phthalate-free?
Our toys are phthalate-free. Phthalates are part of a group of potentially harmful chemicals commonly added to toys to make them soft and flexible. This creates a main concern for children three and under, who tend to chew their toys. Although there are no federal government regulations concerning the use of phthalates in manufacturing toys – California passed a state ban in October 2007 – we take no chances with toy safety. All of our products are phthalate-free.
5. Have any of your products ever been recalled?
We did volunteer to recall one of our toys in 2007 because some components were not as per our specifications. Thankfully, there were no injuries. You can find a detailed list of all products recalled at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) web site; they also offer free subscriptions to email updates. This is a great service for parents to subscribe to, and the CPSC web site can be checked prior to using any second-hand toys.
6. What materials do you use to make your products?
The materials we use vary according to the toy and its' age rating. We use wood, plastic, cloth, metal, and other materials. We ensure that all our wood toys are smoothly sanded to avoid any rough edges, and we go the extra mile by rounding out all corners. Our art activity materials are entirely nontoxic and washable, and our plastics are phthalate-free. There are established safety guidelines for all materials used; we follow these guidelines, and keep a watchful eye on regulations and current events in the industry. For instance, in the best interests of our customers, we made the decision to stop using phthalates in our toys and packaging a few years ago, well before most of the industry.
7. I would like to check my child's toys for lead. Should I use a home lead paint testing kit?
No. We do not recommend testing any toys at home – the CPSC has advised that home testing kits produce unreliable results. In order to avoid a false sense of security, or needless worry, testing should only be done in a controlled environment, such as a certified lab to ensure dependable results. The CPSC web site has up-to-date recall information for concerned parents who want to keep an eye on their children's toys.
8. Whom do I notify for a safety concern?
It is critical that we are made aware of any safety concerns associated with our toys.
Please call us at 800-247-6144, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to 5:00 Eastern Time.
9. Where are your toys available?
You can find our toys at, as well as select specialty retailers.
10. I live outside the United States. Where can I find your toys?
We cannot guide you to specific stores outside the US.
11. Where can I get a copy of your product catalog?
We do not have a product catalog, as our selection available through our retail partners is ever changing. However, we can suggest sites that allow you to shop by brand, such as,, and
12. I have a problem with a new toy that I opened. What can I do?
You should be able to receive an exchange or a refund at the store where you purchased your Battat® toy. Otherwise, our customer service representatives can help you. They can be reached at 800-247-6144, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to 5:00 Eastern Time.
13. Have any Battat® toys won any awards?
We have been the proud recipients of many prominent awards. For more information, please click here.
14. How do you protect customer privacy?
Should you choose to provide us with your email address or telephone number, they will be used strictly to communicate directly with you.
15. I would like to clean my Battat® toy. How can I sanitize it, while still preserving it?
Our cleaning suggestions will depend on what material was used to manufacture the toy, and if it contains a battery or electrical part. Generally, plastic toys are best cleaned with a soft cloth dampened with warm, soapy water. Once the surface is wiped down, allow toy to dry thoroughly. You can clean your wood toys with a soft, damp cloth. Warm, soapy water can be used to spot clean your plush toys. Check the sewn-in label for details, as some plush toys can be machine-washed.
16. Can your toys be recycled?
In order to preserve natural resources, we now use the bare minimum to package our toys. While the plastic, paper and cardboard are recyclable, please check with your local recycling center to verify if the toy is recyclable.
17. I have a hard time opening your toys. Why?
We realize some packages are difficult to open, so we try to make it as easy as we can for you. However, our packaging must also be designed to meet retailers’ guidelines, such as making sure the product is protected during shipment, and secured in place while hanging from a peg, or stacked on a shelf. In addition, we must pass internationally mandated tests to make sure our package can endure being dropped. Our packaging is also designed to keep the product free from dust and/or other elements it may come into contact with prior to purchase. Everything from cardboard thickness to multiple twist-ties are part of specific protocols to maximize product safety. Our packaging is regularly assessed – we want to be sure that your first experience with our toy is a great one.
18. Are your products guaranteed?
We stand behind our products and warranty against manufacturer defects for one year from date of purchase.
19. How can I contact you for general product inquiries?
Please call our customer service representatives at 800-247-6144, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 to 5:00 Eastern Time or feel free to email us anytime at