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The Canberra Koala Family
with Storybook


A family of 4 characters: father Sydney, mother Mel and children Tessa and Teddie. "Toowoomba Acting Troupe" storybook featuring the Canberras

"Toowoomba Acting Troupe"—Storybook Summary

With all the movies they’ve been making lately, the koala family is ready for some rest and relaxation in beautiful Honeysuckle Hollow. Sydney and Mel Canberra, and their children, Tessa and Teddie, just want to be a regular family on vacation. They arrive in town wearing disguises so no one will recognize that they’re the famous Toowoomba Acting Troup.e

Little do the Canberras know that Honeysuckle Hollow is a busy little town filled with a lot of nice folks. Adventures await and so does a lesson in friendship.

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3 years and up
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