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The Scamperscoot Chipmunk Family
with Storybook


A family of 4 characters: father Chewey, mother Marigold and children Snap and Peanut. "Scoops & Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop" storybook featuring the Scamperscoots

"Scoops & Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop"—Storybook Summary

Business at the Scoops & Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop is slow. The Scamperscoot chipmunk family wonders if customers are tired of the same three kinds of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Is it time to add a new and exciting flavor? Marigold and Chewey, and their children, Snap and Peanut, come up with an idea to hold an ice cream flavor contest.

Soon there are too many delicious ideas from friends. How will they pick just one? What will the new and exciting flavor be?

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3 years and up
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