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The Curlicue Pig Family
with Storybook


A family of 4 characters: father Roberto, mother Maria and children Olive and Toby. "Pass-the-Pasta Restaurant" storybook featuring the Curlicues

"Pass-the-Pasta"—Storybook Summary

Olive and Toby Curlicue, and their parents, Maria and Roberto, have a busy day ahead. Their Pass-the-Pasta Restaurant opens tonight, and they have lots to do to prepare! Roberto says they can do it—if they all work together. But when the opening is only one hour away, the Curlicues realize they’ve forgotten a very important task. Will the hungry woodland friends waiting for their first meal at Honeysuckle Hollow’s new restaurant be disappointed? How can the Curlicues possibly open on time?

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3 years and up
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