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The Famileez

Honeysuckle Hollow is all about love and joie de vivre with the Famileez. Whether itʼs sweeping with the Swiftysweepers, cooking in the Sweet Treat Food Truck, or singing along the Moosicalmoos, every single Liʼl Woodzeezʼ family has its own specialty.

These fun and furry liʼl creatures are always happy to look after one another. Each family also comes with its own custom storybook. With the Famileez, kids let their imagination go to faraway places!

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The Bobbleez

The Bobbleez are fun and fuzzy li’l creatures, wobbling and bobbling around, always looking for new ways to help others, each with its own unique and lively personality. These soft bobbleheads are truly fun to collect! Join the Hollow’s scavenger hunt and collect them all! Although you should know, some acorns are pretty rare...

Try to find the RARE, SUPER and ULTRA RARE Bobbleez. Found a SUPREME RARE? Oooh, lucky you! You are in for a treat! It’s safe to say that with the Bobbleez’s addition, Li’l Woodzeez is now quite a collection!

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Who Are we?

Battat is a family-owned company that has been established in 1897 and has grown bigger and stronger ever since. Today, we provide smiles and giggles in more than 62 countries. Battat is definitely here to stay!

Childhood is a time to be bold and curious, and at Battat, we aim to be there every step of the way. We offer a unique range of engaging toys for preschoolers, toddlers and babies, all the way up to kids a little older. At Battat, we strive to think outside the toy box.