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Babeez owl, rabbit, cat and fox
Babeez Surprise collectibles chart showing all the Babeez
Babeez Surprise

Collectible Baby Animals

Mystery animal characters that come in colorful cribs. Which Babeez will you get? It’s a surprise! Collect them all and find the rare sets of twins.

  • Mini Animal Figurine: Toy set featuring a surprise baby Li’l Woodzeez character.
  • Set Includes: A 1-inch animal baby, a colorful crib, a miniature bottle, and a bib.
  • Highly Collectible: Find all 30 different characters, including 2 sets of twins!
  • Build Your Woodzeez World: Babeez are compatible with all Li’l Woodzeez toys!
  • Recommended Age: This toy set is suggested for kids 3 years and up.

Collect them all with the help of our printable checklist!

What’s Inside? It’s a Surprise!

Nestled safely in their cribs, the Babeez you’ll find are a sweet surprise! From mini monkeys to li’l lions, there are so many adorable animals to discover, each with their very own crib, bib, and bottle. With over 30 Babeez to collect, you’ll have your hands full!

Find all the Babeez to expand your Li’l Woodzeez collection. If you’re oh-so lucky, you’ll unbox the rare sets of twins! That’s right – 2 Babeez in 1 crib!

Babeez Surprise
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Li’l Bundles of Joy

The Babeez have arrived! The littlest Li’l Woodzeez have come to Honeysuckle Hollow and will charm you with their sweetness. Give them a bottle and put on their bib to keep them happy n’ healthy. Then, stack their cribs to make an incredible nursery! These small characters deliver big fun.


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