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How to Solve a Petal Pickle

animated bird drawing on a sketchpad inside a flower shop.

Blaze Tailfeather was drawing flower arrangements in his sketchpad.

It was just three weeks until the Sunflower Celebration and he was excited to help his parents, Annie and Redd, get everything together at the Li’l Petals Flower Shop. 

The Sunflower Celebration took place every summer in Honeysuckle Hollow. Last year there was a big parade, neighborhood picnic, and a sunflower maze that the Tailfeather Cardinals organized as a special activity. 

Blaze and his big sister, Poppy, were thinking up ideas for this year’s activity.

Just then, Annie came inside looking rather forlorn. “I know you guys were looking forward to the Sunflower Celebration,” she said, “but I don’t know if we can go ahead with it this year.” She gestured to her kids to come outside to see the flowers growing in the backyard.  

Redd was leaning against a shovel, looking at the rows of sunflowers they had planted earlier in the year. Some had already wilted, their heads too heavy for the stem. Others were closed up tight, showing no signs of opening. Only a handful seemed ready to bloom.

“I think the lack of sunlight has stopped most of them from growing,” sighed Redd. “I don’t know how we’re going to have a whole sunflower event when we don’t have enough sunflowers!” 

The four Tailfeathers gazed at the flowers, wondering if they would have to cancel. 

“Hang on!” said Poppy. “What about our other flowers?” She pointed to the red roses, white daisies, pink dahlias, purple irises and orange marigolds. There were hundreds, maybe even thousands of them, all nearly in full bloom. 

Poppy continued: “We could still use our yellow sunflowers but we can add all these other colors so we have enough!” Redd nodded. “But we’d need to change the name,” he noted. 


“How about the Honeysuckle Hollow Flower Festival?” suggested Poppy.
“Wonderful!” said Annie.
“Sounds good to me!” agreed Redd.


And with that, the family got to work watering all the different flowers.

“Hold on, we still need a special activity!” said Blaze, and he ran inside to draw a sketch of what he had in mind. Ten minutes later, he came back outside and showed the family his drawing. 

“It’s a Rainbow Flower Wheel!” he explained. “Once they’re ready, we can arrange all the flowers on a big wheel, and people can take turns spinning it at the festival.” 

Annie and Redd looked at each other and beamed. “I think it’s a great idea, BUDdy!” laughed Redd. “Does everyBUDdy agree?” 

Annie chuckled, adding: “Well done, Blaze! You really ROSE to the occasion!” 

All of the Tailfeathers burst into a fit of the giggles, laughing away as their rainbow flowers swayed in the summer breeze. 

Tune in next week for a trip to the Baabaa Spa & Hair Salon!

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