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A Fall Feast to Remember

Two mice in front of a Horn of Plenty

Some days you wake up and you just know it is going to be a great day! You can feel it in your bones! This was the exact sensation Bo and Dot Nibblekin got the day of the Li’l Woodzeez Fall Feast. On the day of the Fall Feast, a Horn of Plenty basket is filled by all the neighboring families with fresh food to feast on. Each member offers up something special. With so many tasty treats, it was easy to understand Bo and Dot’s excitement.

When Dot arrived in the Nibblekin Family kitchen that morning, her parents and grandparents were already hard at work preparing goodies. Grandpa Ricky and Grandma Betsy Rose were arranging a fancy cheese plate with a variety of crackers. Parents Penny and Perry were taking out jars of jam and pickles to join Grandpa and Grandma’s plate. That’s when Dot started to feel sad and her lower lip started to quiver.

“What’s wrong, Dot?” asked Bo.

“Well, it’s just that everyone is doing something special and I want to help too! I know I am small but I still want to take part,” Dot sighed.

“Now that you mention it – I want to join in too,” sniffed Bo, and with that his small pink nose started to twitch.

As luck would have it, at that moment their big sister Cheddar came into the kitchen behind them.

“Is anything wrong?”, big sister’s have a way of sensing things.

After hearing their concerns, Cheddar came up with an awesome plan!

“It is true that you do not climb trees yet and maybe you have not learned to bake or cook, but there are so many things you can do better than anyone in Honeysuckle Hollow!”

“What?!” Bo and Dot exclaimed in unison.

“Follow me!” Cheddar shouted as she ran out the back door of their home.

Cheddar took Bo and Dot to a small corner of their backyard and she got very low on the ground to where there was a hole in the fence.

“Look through that hole. Do you see those blackberries on the other side of the fence? They have been growing and getting perfectly juicy and ripe the whole summer. But because they are out of reach, they will spoil before anyone picks them! Unless, someone small enough can go through and gather them!” she said, looking over at Bo and Dot, who knew immediately what to do.

The two siblings climbed swiftly back and forth through the hole, and one by one brought the blackberries from one side of the fence to their big sister, who was waiting with a basket to collect them. 

That afternoon, Dot, Bo and Cheddar proudly walked out to add their contribution to the community feast. Everyone raved about how delicious the berries were. As Dot, Bo and Cheddar Nibblekin dug in to eat, they all agreed they had never tasted berries quite as sweet.

Tune in next week when we visit the Bushytail Squirrel Family at the Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery!

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