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A Shiny New Set of Wings

animated panda painting on a makeshift airplane.

Ding-ding, ding-ding! The last bell of the day rang out at Woodland Schoolhouse.

School was out for the summer, and most of the kids in Honeysuckle Hollow were happy to have the break. While they loved learning new things, they were excited for more cloud-gazing, beach parties, water sports – you name it! 

However, Liv Skyhopper wasn’t feeling the same. “I miss pilot practice!” she sighed. 

Liv’s favorite activity in the whole world was the after-school Junior Pilots Club, and it was on pause for the summer months.  

“Why not help out at the airport?” suggested her mom, Flora. “You’ll at least get to see your dad flying the planes!” Roger Skyhopper was the local pilot and he brought all the Honeysuckle Hollow residents to faraway places.

“Do you think I could get some flying practice with you, Dad?” Liv asked one morning. 

“Sorry, sweetie, but all the planes are full of people going on vacation. It’s just too busy right now for me to teach you,” said Roger softly. 

Liv nodded. She was disappointed, but she understood. She put on the pilot’s hat Roger had lent her and gazed wistfully out of the window as he took off in the plane. 

Liv’s little brother, Skip, hated to see his sister upset. “There must be something I can do,” he said.

He sat down on the airport floor and started brainstorming some ideas. A go-kart activity? A bicycle race? No, Liv loved airplanes. It had to be something with airplanes. 

“I’ve got it!” he said. He turned to Flora: “But I’ll need your help!” 

“Of course, dear!”she answered.

They got to work sawing wood, attaching wheels, and painting windows. Their surprise was really coming together!

That evening, Skip put a blindfold around Liv’s eyes and brought her out to the runway. Roger was finished for the day so he joined Flora and followed the kids outside.  

Skip pulled back a blanket and there it was: a lifesize model airplane! 

“I know it’s not as good as the real thing,” he said. “But it will help you practice before the Junior Pilots Club starts up again!” 

Liv was overjoyed. “It’s AMAZING!” she gushed. The airplane looked just like the real thing, with a mini cockpit and everything! On the side, it had a new name: Liv Airway.

“Thank you so much!” she cried, wrapping her brother up in a great big hug. 

And with that, she practiced her start-up steps, kicked off, and drove her very own plane down the runway into the sunset. 

Tune in next week for a new Li’l Woodzeez Storytime series on community spirit in Honeysuckle Hollow! 

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