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Curious about our NEW ADVENTURE?


Back to Cares-a-Lot Kindergarten

animated fox waiting at school door.

“Just one more sleep!” squealed Howie Tippytail. He was getting ready for his first day at Cares-a-Lot Kindergarten tomorrow. It had been a great summer, but the time had come to make new friends! 

Howie folded his freshly washed overalls and laid them on the bed. He packed his schoolbag with new books and pencils. He helped his mom, Suzy, make his lunch and put it in the fridge. 

The next morning, Howie jumped out of bed, ready for the new day. Suzy and Tommy Tippytail ran the local kindergarten and they were happy to have their son with them for the new school year. 

As they arrived at Cares-a-Lot Kindergarten, they heard a phone ringing. Tommy ran to answer it.

“Hiya! It’s Molly Woofwinkle here. I’m calling to say that Ruby won’t make it today. She twisted her ankle and needs to rest it. Sorry!” 

“No problem!” chirped Tommy. “Hopefully it will heal in no time!” 

No sooner had Tommy put down the phone, it started ringing again.

Hulllooo, Dr. Todd Healthnuggle here. My little Hazel won’t be in until next week as she has a sore throat. Sorry for the inconvenience!” 

“Not to worry!” answered Tommy. “We’ll see her then!” 

And would you believe it, just one minute later the phone rang again!

“Hey, it’s Roy Kingsberry calling! I’m afraid Kya won’t be starting kindergarten until next week as we’ve decided to extend our camping trip. Bye!”

Tommy put down the phone and looked at Howie. “Sorry, buddy, looks like it’s just us today.”

Howie’s face fell. He was so looking forward to meeting everyone.  

Suzy was quiet for a minute as she started thinking up a plan. “Don’t worry, dear! We’ll make the learning extra-fun today,” she said, winking at Tommy.

She ran into the craft room and began putting some things together. After a few minutes, she called out: “OK, ready!”  

Howie entered the classroom and looked at the plan on the blackboard. 


9-10.30: Fun with ABCs
10.30-12: Wordsearch
12-1: Lunch
1-2.30: A Trip to Space!

At 9am, Suzy and Tommy started to pull some funny shapes while Howie giggled away. They were making all the letters of the alphabet and Howie had to guess them all! 

At 10.30am, it was time for English learning with the wordsearch. But it was no ordinary wordsearch! Suzy had cut out lots of different words on bits of paper and Howie had to find them all in the classroom! 

After lunch, Howie came back to see the blackboard decorated with lots of tiny silver stars. “Welcome to Space!” cheered Suzy. Then, Tommy placed Howie in the teacher’s swivel chair, put a helmet on him, and spun him around until he was dizzy, just like a real astronaut in space! 

Before they knew it, it was 2.30pm! “I had a great day. Thanks, Mom and Dad!” chuckled Howie.

Sure, he would have liked to have made some new friends today. But on the bright side, he would have lots of fun stories to tell his classmates when they arrived next Monday! 

Tune in next week to join the little ones at Li’l Luvs & Hugs Nursery! 

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