Interactive Story: Backyard Friends

The Backyard Friends go camping
The Backyard Friends go camping

The weather is warming up as spring moves into summer. School is almost done for the year and the backyard buddies Ruby, Wally, Star and Nibbles have made a special plan. They are too young to drive but have a great sense of adventure! Star came up with a wonderful idea to do a series of backyard slumber parties. With their tent set up, a collection of snacks, books, games, pillows and sleeping bags – the friends are ready for a night under the stars. Are you going to join them?

Start Packing!

You can’t believe you got an invitation to join this special summer slumber party. Your parents will help you pack your knapsack but you make sure to include:

  1. Two big bags of chips.
  2. Face masks for all your friends.
  3. Your favorite board game.
  4. A camera to take some candid photos.

Tent Time

The tent is set up and you are all cozy inside. You get to choose your buddy for the night. Your partner for the party is:

  1. Star the Rabbit
  2. Nibbles the Mouse
  3. Wally the Cat 
  4. Ruby the Dog

Time for Fun!

This staycation slumber party is all about fun! The night is young and there is so much to do. Each friend has brought toys from their home and games to share. What is your favorite thing to do: 

  1. Make some art together painting and drawing.
  2. Tell some imaginary stories!
  3.  Some friendly competition playing a game.
  4.  Hide & seek in the backyard!

Starry Skies

It is starting to get dark outside. Everyone is tucked in and zipped into the tent. You have loads of treats and are ready to:

  1. Watch a movie together!
  2.  Tell funny jokes and see who can make the other laugh!
  3.  Do face masks and paint your nails!
  4.  A game of I Spy under the stars.

The yawns have started and you can feel your eyes getting heavy. Maybe just one more bedtime story before you catch some Zs with your four furry friends.

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