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Choose Your Halloween Adventure


You will know Halloween has arrived in Honeysuckle Hollow from the roads leading into the town. In the evening from far and wide, you can see the warm glow of Jack-O-lanterns beaming in doorways, on front porches and in windows. Everyone loves Halloween and truly who wouldn’t? There is so much to love between getting dressed up in costumes, collecting treats and visiting neighbors. This year will be extra special. This year, you are invited to the spooktacular celebrations! 

Choose Your Costume

Since you are joining the kids of Honeysuckle Hollow, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose a Halloween costume! Are you feeling like being something spooky, kooky or sparkly? There are no wrong answers! Below are some suggestions. Choose one or come up with a creative answer on your own.

  1. Witch
  2. Clown
  3. Queen or King
  4. Ghost
  5. Robot

You are joining your two Li’l Woodzeez friends. Grab your candy bag or bucket and keep an eye out. They are dressed up as a cool wizard and extra super superhero. You will find them on the Honeysuckle Hollow cobble stone pathways leading up to the bridge.


Where will you go? 

Now that you have found your friends you will get to choose your special route for trick or treating. Some kids in Honeysuckle Hollow like to check out the forest. Legend has it that the Bobbleez hide candy in the trees, moss, and flowers. Other Li’l Woodzeez like to do one giant circular path, out from the furthest house and back to the house closest to the city center. This route is long but guarantees a big bag of treats! While others like to go to businesses where some give out full size chocolate bars or unexpected treats from their shops. Where will you start? 

  1. Forest in hunt of hidden Bobbleez goodies 
  2. The homes of Honeysuckle Hollow to visit neighbors 
  3. Businesses for surprise treats and bigger bars 

What activity do you choose?

Wow! Look at all the candy you have? That was a great choice you made. You and your Li’l Woodzeez friends are getting a bit tired from all the candy collecting. It is time to pick a fun Halloween activity to do together. Are you in the mood to craft? Or do you prefer a scavenger?  Choose one of the activities below to enjoy! (Pssst! Ask a grown up to print it out for you).

  1. Li’l Woodzeez Halloween Scavenger Hunt
  2. Li’l Woodzeez Pumpkin Carving Stencils 

Count Down to Fun…

What a wonderful Hallween it has been! Festive and full of fun. Thank you for joining your Li’l Woodzeez friends for a special spooktacular. There is just one last thing to do! It’s time to bring all the pumpkins to the town square for the Pumpkin Festival. How many pumpkins can you spot in the image up top? Look closely.

Wishing you a safe & happy Halloween from Li’l Woodzeez!

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