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Sticky Issues and Sweeter Solutions

Henry Bushytail had a dream. Ever since he was just a teeny tiny Bushytail (barely bushy at all!) he would follow his mom Maggie around the Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery in Honeysuckle Hollow. The Bushtyails’ bakery is famous and not just because it is the only bakery in town. Mama Maggie had made a name for herself with a variety of yummy treats that showcased the best of what the surrounding forests, fields, and meadows had to offer. Most famous was her apple pie. Neighbors travelled from far and wide to enjoy a slice of this ooey-gooey, lip-smacking dessert. Henry’s dream was to master the recipe himself.

October was shaping up to be a very busy month in the bakery. It was true that Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery was always buzzing with neighbors popping in for fresh croissants or blueberry muffins or even just some sweet conversation among friends. However, October was known to be especially hectic because the fall harvest gives way to apples, plums, and pumpkins for baking into pies, cakes and tarts.


“I am sorry, Henry dear! There are not enough hours in the day for me to get all these orders out on time and teach you. I should have time after the holidays…” Maggie said as she continued to roll out pie crust.

Henry was disappointed. How would he become a baker if he did not start to learn? The holidays felt far away, and the Spooktacular Parade was not for another few weeks. He walked outside to start collecting apples for his mom’s pie. He figured that would be a way to help out if he could not bake. It was at that moment that dad Oliver popped out from around a giant oak tree.


“Hi, son! Why are you looking down? It’s rare to see a frown when you’ve just scored so many fresh apples,” he laughed, amused at his son’s paws overflowing.

“Well, I had my heart set on learning how to make pies this year. Now that I am tall enough to reach the counters at the bakery, I thought this would be my year!”


“It still can be your year to learn. We will have you baking in no time! How do you feel about bread as your first lesson?” Oliver suggested, his eyes twinkling.


“Yes, please!!!” Henry squealed with happiness. He had not thought to ask his dad for help. Oliver was a master baker in his own right. He was responsible for many a scrumptious bread that flew off the shelves.

Moments later, Oliver had prepared a few aprons for himself and Henry and set out the ingredients for banana bread. Oliver encouraged Henry to fill up each measuring cup himself.


“Don’t worry about making a mess! I appreciate you doing your best and we can clean up after we are done.”


Soon enough, delicious smells started to fill the kitchen and Henry was astonished to witness the bread he made growing higher and higher. It was like magic! But magic you could eat, which many would agree is the best type of magic.


“I am proud of you, son! You did an amazing job,” said Oliver.

As the bread was cooling on a rack, Maggie and little sister Honeybun came in searching for them.


“What is that incredible smell?!” asked Maggie, as her nose twitched with delight.


With flour in his ears and smudges of chocolate on his apron, he announced proudly, “Bon Appetit, Bushytails! Please help yourself to the first of many baked treats to tickle your taste buds!”

Tune in next week when we join the Hoppingoods for The Leaf Letter Swap! 

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