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How to Make a New Friend

animated dogs painting on a whiteboard in nursery.

September had well and truly settled in, as all the neighbors in Honeysuckle Hollow returned from their vacations and headed back to work. 

The Li’l Luvs & Hugs Nursery had reopened last week but some of the younger kids were still finding it hard to adjust. 

“I miss my brother!” cried Cookie Tippytail. 

“I miss my sister!” sobbed Romeo Healthnuggle. 

“I miss my Mom and Dad!” wailed Kip Kingsberry. 

Oh dear – looks like Molly and Toby Woofwinkle, the owners of Li’l Luvs & Hugs Nursery, had some work on their hands!  

“I can help!” piped their young son, Patch.

He was the same age as the other kids but, as his parents were already at the nursery, he wasn’t finding it hard at all. “I think they just need to make friends,” he added.  

“You’re right,” agreed Molly. “How about we have a Make-a-Friend Day?” 

“Great idea,” suggested Toby. “We can pair the kids up together so they each have someone to play with.”  

“I can go with Kip, and we can put Cookie with Romeo!” suggested Patch.

“Perfect!” said Molly.  

The Woofwinkles got to work, setting up the nursery for Make-a-Friend Day.

Patch joined the other kids and told them what was happening. They seemed excited about the idea!  

“OK kids, let’s make a big circle!” called Toby. He handed out miniature paint sets to the little ones and told them to pick their favorite colors.

“Mine’s blue!” said Patch.

“Mine’s red!” said Kip.

“If you mix them together, you get purple. What a great pair!” beamed Toby.  

Next, Molly placed the kids in their pairs and asked them to sing a line of their favorite song.

“La la la, la la la, la la laaah la-la!” sang Cookie.

“Great!” praised Molly. “Now Romeo, can you sing the same but lower?” 

Romeo opened his mouth: “La la la, la la la, la la laaah la-la!”

Cookie joined in and they both sang in beautiful harmony.

“Sounds like a perfect pair!” said Molly. 

Finally, Molly and Toby gathered all the kids in a big circle once more and asked them to say one thing they learned about their new friend.  

“I know Kip loves strawberries!” said Patch.

“And I know Patch loves blueberries!” giggled Kip.

“I know Romeo is very good at singing low notes,” said Cookie.

“And I know Cookie is the best at hitting the high notes,” smiled Romeo. 

“That’s great, everyone,” said Toby. “Now are you all excited to come back to the Li’l Luvs & Hugs Nursery tomorrow and play with your new friends?” 

“YES!” all the kids cried at once. Looks like Make-a-Friend Day was a huge success! 

Tune in next week for a trip to the Healing Paws Health Center! 

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