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Stocking Up for a New Season

animated wolf holding sign.

Maverick GrayPaws was humming away as he swept the floor of Honeysuckle Hollow General Store.

The GrayPaws Wolves owned the store, where all the neighbors came to buy fruit, vegetables, milk, cheese, and more. They also sold gardening tools and cleaning items – it really was a one-stop shop! 

Maverick’s kids, Miles and Meg, were helping to clean up the store, rearranging jars and dusting the shelves. 

Just then, mom Luna burst through the front door. 

“Look at what we got!” she cried. The GrayPaws had been waiting on a brand-new shipment, and the box in Luna’s hands looked MASSIVE!  

They gathered around to open it up. What was inside? A whole load of camping accessories!

The family had made the order for August, knowing that the Honeysuckle Hollow residents would soon be heading on camping trips. 

Inside there were camping stoves, miniature pots and pans, flashlights – everything you could think of! 

“We may have a problem,” said Maverick. “Where are we going to fit all this stuff?” 

The family looked around the General Store and saw that the shelves were full. There was no room for their new items! 

“I know! How about a summer sale?” suggested Luna. “Yay!” shrieked Meg.

“Can I make the sign?” asked Miles. “Of course you can!” agreed Maverick. 

And with that, the two kids hurried into the back room, leaving Luna and Maverick to pick out the sale items and put new prices on them. 

Miles started to get creative with colorful felt shapes, cutting them out with safety scissors and gluing them on to a giant piece of card. 

Meg gathered all the smaller scraps of paper, making flyers to hand around the town. 

After a short while, they were ready to show off their finished work. “Ta-da!” exclaimed Miles, presenting the sign to his family.  




It was perfect! “Good job, son,” said Maverick, patting him on the back.

Miles looked for the best spot to hang the sign while Luna and Meg headed to town to hand out the flyers. 

By the next morning, word of the Super Summer Sale had spread around Honeysuckle Hollow. So much so, that the General Store was full of customers the second the GrayPaws Wolves opened the door!

The neighbors shuffled in one by onetaking turns to pick out their different items

The Whooswhoo Owls picked up a pair of binoculars. The Handydandy Mice stocked up on some hammers and nails – they always came in handy! The Vanderhoof Moose filled their shopping bags with rakes, brooms, and shovels.

When it came to closing time, all the shelves were practically empty. 

“We might need to order a new shipment right away!” laughed Meg. 

The whole family giggled, happy that the Super Summer Sale was such a success. They dusted off their paws and got ready to stock up for a brand-new season.

Tune in next week for a trip to the woods with the Vanderhoof Family!

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