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The Honeysuckle Flower Festival

Animated cats drinking juice.

Kitt and Chet Whiskerelli were whistling away as they served customers at their Sweets & Treats Food Truck.

Their kids, Wally and Dixie, were helping out. 

The Honeysuckle Hollow Flower Festival was due to take place the next day and there was a buzz of excitement in the air. “I can’t wait!” cried Dixie. “It’s going to be a great day!” 

The Curlicue Pigs usually prepared the festival food but this year they asked if the Whiskerelli Cats would do it.

“What do you guys think of Taco Tapas?” asked Kitt, scribbling out recipes in her notepad. She was a great cook and loved coming up with new ideas.

“Sounds yummy!” said Chet. 

Customers stopped by throughout the day, talking about the festival. It seemed like the whole town was going to be there!

The next morning, Kitt headed to the Sweets & Treats Food Truck to get started for the big day. She tried to switch on the stove, but it wouldn’t work. Oh no!

She rang Chet and he headed over straight away with Wally and Dixie. He tried to fix it but it was completely broken.

“What will we do?” cried Kitt. “We have to make a picnic for the whole town!”  

The Whiskerellis pondered for a moment. 

“Why don’t we ring some of our friends?” asked Wally. “They’re always willing to help!” 

“We can have a pot-luck picnic!” squeaked Dixie. 

Chet nodded and Kitt sprang into action, picking up the phone. 

The Tailfeather Cardinals had just finished their Rainbow Flower Wheel for the special activity, and they had already decorated the town gazebo with hanging baskets. They said they would run to Honeysuckle Hollow General Store and pick up some snacks. 

The Snipadoodles Sheep had just attached their unique float to their Breezy Buggy car, ready to join the parade. They offered to make a huge batch of sandwiches. 

The Curlicue Pigs had closed up the Pass-the-Pasta Restaurant for the day and were getting ready to head into town. They agreed to whip up a big salad with some leftover pasta. 

Everyone was willing and ready to help!

Within an hour they had all arrived, arms full with food. And just in time, too – the parade was about to start.

And what a parade! There were lots of floatswith lots of smiling faces. The Snipadoodles waved at the Curlicues as they drove by with their unique float, blowing kisses at their friends.

After it was finished, the Tailfeathers gathered everyone outside the town gazebo, where the Rainbow Flower Wheel was unveiled. It was magnificent – almost every color of the rainbow! All the neighbors took turns giving it a spin, winning little prizes each time.

And finally, it was time for the feast! 

The picnic tables were set and the food was dished out. Everyone gathered around and ate to their hearts’ content.  

After they were finished, Chet stood up and clinked his glass of lemonade to make a toast: “To good neighbors!” he cried. Everyone clapped and cheered.

What a great day at the Honeysuckle Hollow Flower Festival!

Tune in next week for a brand-new Storytime series, starting with the GrayPaws Wolf Family!

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