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Curious about our NEW ADVENTURE?


The Rainbow Flower Wheel

animated sheep and bird standing outside beside a big, colorful wheel.

It was a busy day at the Baabaa Spa & Hair Salon in Honeysuckle Hollow. 

The owners, the Snipadoodles Sheep, had just returned from their summer holidays and were surprised to find a line out the door on their first day back.

It seemed that everyone in town wanted to get their fur trimmed in time for the newly named Flower Festival! 

“Just two weeks to go!” said Ozzie Snipadoodles as he pulled a cape around his customer’s shoulders.

He was looking forward to seeing what the celebration would be like this year. With a parade and picnic, it was sure to be a hit!

The bell at the door rang as Annie Tailfeather popped her head in. She headed over to Lucy Snipadoodles, who was brushing out the colorful wigs. “Welcome back!” she said, greeting Lucy with a warm smile. 

Thank you!” Lucy replied. “Any news?” 

“Well,” started Annie, “you know how Flower Festival is coming up? We actually need a bit of help with our special activity this year. We’re making a Rainbow Flower Wheel and we need all the extra paws we can get!”  

“Oh no, we’d love to,” answered Lucy. “But, as you can see, we’re far too busy here! Our appointments are totally booked up for the next two weeksAnd we also have to prepare our own float for the parade. I’m sorry we can’t help. 

“Of course, I understand,” said Annie. What was she going to do now? Her family was so busy looking after the flower decorations for the whole event. How would they also get the Rainbow Flower Wheel ready on time? 

Just then, Jake and Emmie Snipadoodles ran over to Lucy. “Mom, we can help the Tailfeathers!” offered Jake. “Yeah!” added Emmie. “We’ve done all our chores here at the salon!” 

“If you’re sure?” asked Annie. “Fine by me!” said Lucy with a smile.

Jake and Emmie headed outside the back door with Annie and saw that the rest of the Tailfeathers had already arrived. And what did they have? 


A big bag of metal parts
A screwdriver
A small bag of screws

“We thought it would be better to bring the wheel to you,” said Redd Tailfeather. We can add the flowers just before the festival and keep them fresh in your big fridge, if that’s OK? Ours will be full!” 

“No problem!” said Jake, picking up a metal piece. “Let’s build this thing!” 

Later in the afternoon, Lucy and Ozzie locked up the salon and joined the others outside to help. The two families worked side by side under the sun, putting the wheel together. In no time, it was finished! 

“It’s so pretty!” gasped Emmie, gazing up at it. “Like a big Ferris wheel!” 

“I can’t wait to see it with all the flowers,” said Ozzie. “I think the first official Flower Festival could be the best community event that Honeysuckle Hollow has seen yet!” 

The Snipadoodles smiled at the Tailfeathers, happy that they could help their friends out when they needed it most. 

Tune in next week to catch up with the Curlicue Family at the Pass-the-Pasta Restaurant!

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