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The Show Must Go On

animated monkeys in a store, with the mother holding up blueprints and the two kids holding wood and material.

Myra, Milo, Lila, and Lolo O’Funnigan were busy putting the final touches on the talent show.

The whole family was in charge of planning events in Honeysuckle Hollow. Parties, parades, pie-baking contests – you name it, the O’Funnigan Monkeys planned it!

“I can’t believe it’s tomorrow!” said Lila. “We’ve been preparing for months!” 

“Months and months!” added Lolo. 

Their parents, Myra and Milo, were finalizing the list of all the neighbors who were attending, as well as the performers and stage crew.  

“MoosicalMoo Cows?” Check.
“Canberra Koalas?” Check.
“Riverdipper Hippos?” Check.


The MoosicalMoos had prepared a medley of famous opera songs, and the Canberras were putting on a show about the history of music. The Riverdipper Hippos had designed outfits from leftover materials for all the performers and would be waiting in the wings for any last-minute wardrobe disasters. It was shaping up to be a great show!

Just then, Milo opened up the Honeysuckle Herald and checked the weather forecast. “Oh no!” he cried. “There’s a thunderstorm scheduled for tomorrow!” The talent show was due to take place at the outdoor gazebo in the center of Honeysuckle Hollow. How could it possibly go ahead?

Myra’s brow wrinkled up as she tried to think of a solution. “I know!” she said. “How about Honeysuckle Market Square, where we had the scavenger hunt?” 

“Great idea!” answered Milo. 

There was just one problem: Honeysuckle Market Square only had one small stand. They would need a whole new stage for all the acts in the talent show.

“Think we can put something together in just one day?” asked Myra. “YES!” squealed Lila and Lolo at the same time. 

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It was the Canberra Koalas, the MoosicalMoo Cows and the Riverdipper Hippos. 

“We were all on our way to the gazebo to practice for tomorrow, but then we heard about the weather,” said Sydney Canberra.

“We thought there might be a change of plan, so we dropped by to see if you needed some help,” finished Jessie MoosicalMoo. 

The O’Funnigans were delighted – so many extra hands to help!

They got to work doing what they did best: planning. Lila and Lolo fetched some wood and curtains, Myra and Milo drew up some new blueprints for the stage, and they all headed to Honeysuckle Market Square. 

The four families whistled as they worked, some practicing their performances and others just joining in for fun. Before they knew it, they had a brand-new stage  with just one hour to go before showtime!  

“We did it, everybody!” cried Milo. “Now, take your places and let’s get this show on the road!” 


Aaaaand… cue curtain!


Three hours passed and the show went off without a hitch. The MoosicalMoos sang each note perfectly and the Canberras danced the night away. Wade Riverdipper smiled at Myra O’Funnigan, happy that their quick thinking with the new costumes and stage had saved the day.

At the end, everyone in the audience joined together for a standing ovation.

“I think it was our best event yet!” said Lolo. “Definitely!” agreed Lila.

The O’Funnigans headed home for a good night’s sleep, ready to dream of their next planning adventure. 

Tune in next week for a new Storytime series on the Honeysuckle Hollow residents!

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