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Spooktacular Parade for the Win

The Spooktacular Parade in Honeysuckle Hollow is a sight to take in! Everyone comes out for the parade. The day portion is devoted to a friendly costume competition for the kids. The grown-ups and those too young to take part watch and cheer. Everyone gets the chance to cast a vote for the most original costume. The one with the most votes gets two prizes: a sash that says Spooktacular Most Original and a treat of their choice from the Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakery.


In previous years, the youngest siblings of the Daintypaw Family, Ziggy and Sady, were too young to participate – but this year they could! Grandma Pasha offered to walk alongside them and carry one or the other for a small break if they got tired. The  two twins put their eight paws and two heads together brainstorming costume ideas.

Since they were very young, twins Ziggy and Sady had been as close as two kittens could be. They snuggled in one complete circle together for nap time. If you saw them at a distance, it would be hard to distinguish heads from paws and tell who was who. They loved being a twosome. For them, togetherness was part of their individuality.


The idea of a winner for the contest was making them nervous. They both had set their sights on claiming the grand prize. The only problem in achieving their dream? There could only be one winner. It clearly stated in the Honeysuckle Hollow Spooktacular Parade rules that the prize was for best costume, not best costumes.

Mom Minette knew her kittens well and sensed that they were feeling stressed. She watched as Ziggy and Sady played anxiously with a ball of yarn for more than an hour before intervening.


“Hello, my two little kittens! Why have you not gotten started preparing your costumes? You both seemed so excited about it a couple of weeks ago.”


Ziggy looked at Sady and Sady looked back at Ziggy. And perfectly timed they both replied: “We want to win together!”


“Ah, I see. Well, that is a bit of a dilemma isn’t it.” Minette was silent for a minute as she reflected before replying: “Your amazing teamwork might just be the solution to a winning idea!”

Minette left the room and came back in with an old beige blanket. With her sewing kit by her side, she whispered her plan in each of their four furry ears. All paws on deck! The three of them began creating.

On the day of the Spooktacular Parade, the whole Daintypaw Family gathered in the living room. Grandpa Rupert, Grandma Pasha, Mom Minette, Dad Moe, and older sister Piper stood all in a row with anticipation.


“Come on out, Ziggy and Sady!” Minette called.


Slowly and with only the slightest of wobbles, a camel with two humps came proudly sauntering into the room. The whole family broke into laughter as they realized the two humps were the heads of Ziggy and Sady beneath the beige fuzzy fabric.


As they shuffled out to join the parade, coordinating their stride, they whispered beneath the blankets to each other.


“Even if we don’t win, I am so glad we found a way to work together!” Ziggy said in a hushed voice.


“Me too,” agreed Sady. “We’ve already won.”

Tune in next week! 

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