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The Honeysuckle Aqualympics

animated duck catching volleyball beside a net.

Ding-ding, ding-ding! The last bell of the day rang out at Woodland Schoolhouse, meaning it was the start of summer vacation!

Kelly and Kenny Quickquack ran out of school, spinning their schoolbags around with glee.

Race you to the pond!” yelled Kelly, and the two kids ran towards the water.

Their parents, Cappy and Quincy, were waiting for them at Honeysuckle Hollow Pond.

The Quickquack Duck Family ran Round-the-Pond Boat Tours, and the summer season was just about to start! 

Kelly and Kenny got to work helping their mom with the list of boat tours that were already booked for the weekend.  

Quincy started cleaning the side of the boat. Suddenly, he saw something wrong. “Uh-oh!” he called. The Quickquacks waddled over to see. There was a big hole in the bottom of the boat! 

“Oh no!” said Cappy. “I’ll call the store and see if they can get us some new wood for tomorrow.” She got on the phone to enquire but, unfortunately, there was none available. The Quickquacks would have to wait a whole week for a new delivery! 

“What will we do?” wailed Kenny. “Our customers will be here in the morning!” 

“OK, everybody!” said Cappy, putting on her captain’s hat. Let’s think of a solution!” 

The Quickquacks sat in silence for a few moments, trying to come up with a plan. 

“I’ve got it!” said Kelly. “How about instead of a boat tour, we offer a super-fun sports day?” 

“We could call it the Honeysuckle Aqualympics!” chimed Kenny. 

“Excellent idea, kids!” cheered Quincy. “Even if they don’t want to take part, they can watch the fun!”

Cappy got a paper and pen, and the family decided on three sports:


🏐 Volleyball
🌊 Water rafting
🥽 Swimming


Quincy popped to Honeysuckle Hollow General Store and returned with a ball, some surfboards, and a stopwatch.

The whole family separated the pond into three sections for the sports. They set up the swimming area by the pier, tied up a net for the volleyball, and laid out paddles for the water rafting. 

It was dark when they headed home, and Kenny was anxious about the morning. “Do you think everyone will like it?” he asked. “We’ll just have to wait and see, dear,” soothed Cappy. 

The next day, the Quickquacks headed down to Honeysuckle Hollow Pond. They couldn’t believe their eyes – the whole town was there! 

Hop Croakalily ran over to Kelly Quickquack. “We saw you guys setting up yesterday and we couldn’t wait to see what you had in store!” 

All the neighbors gathered to hear the schedule, even those who hadn’t booked a boat tour for the day. Luckily, they came prepared with bathing suits and were more than happy to take part in the very first Honeysuckle Aqualympics!

As it turned out, Hip and Hop Croakalily were excellent at swimming. Fizz and Lizz Oliphant joined in the fun to have a round of volleyball. Quinn and Quill McBristly even made a new record for water rafting! 

All in all, it was a fun-filled afternoon at Honeysuckle Hollow Pond.

“I think we’ll have to make this a yearly activity!” laughed Cappy. 

“Aye, aye, cap’n!” said Quincy with a wink. 

The Quickquacks headed home, shaking off the water droplets and planning new activities for next year. 

Tune in next week for a sky-high journey with the Skyhopper Panda Family!

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