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The Bushytail Squirrels"Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds Bakers"

The Canberra Koalas"Toowoomba Acting Troupe"

The Croakalily Frogs"The Cottage Crew Saves the Day"

The Curlicue Pigs"Pass-the-Pasta Restaurant"

The Graypaws Wolves"Lemons Galore at the General Store"

The Handydandy Mice"Bitty Fix-It Crew to the Rescue"

The Healthnuggle Bears"Healing Paws Health Center"

The Hoppingood Rabbits"Hoppin' Healthy Harvesters"

The Houndsley Beagles"The Many Acts of Kindness Mystery"

The Mcbristly Porcupines"Sunshine Tiki Hut Beach Party"

The Moosicalmoo Cows"Singalong Moosic-Makers"

The Quickquack Ducks"Round-the-Pond Boat Tours"

The Snipadoodles Sheep"Baabaa Spa & Hair Salon"

The Tailfeather Cardinals"The Sunflower Surprise"

The Toddlewaddle Penguins"Making a Splash in the Woodland School"

The Van North Polar Bears"The Safety Department's Icy Emergency"

The Vanderhoof Moose"Happy Camper Adventure"

The Whiskerelli Cats"Honeysuckle Sweets & Treats"