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  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Boys like these animals tooby Joshua Buffkin

    Y isn’t there a blue one for boys?
    My son loves to play with his stepsister’s. I would like to get him one but I think he would prefer blue, red or green over pink

    • Replyby Khady So

      Hello from Honeysuckle Hollow! We are so happy to hear you love Honeysuckle Airway!
      Thank you for your suggestion! We will let our Design team know and ask them for more colors in the future 🙂

  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Diasppointed!by Rebecca

    My 3 year old daughter is an avid Woodzeez collector and loves playing with all of the sets we already own. I just purchased her the airplane set while on vacation. We got it to the hotel room and put it together, no problem, but the propellers are missing! Of all the other items supposed to be included, it only contained the trolley, 3 suitcases out of 4, 1 food tray of 4, 1 orange juice of 2, 1 water bottle out of 2, 1 coffee pot of out 2. It had NO newspapers, no pillows, no blankets, no forks, no cups and no uniform! She loves it still but we were very disappointed after purchasing a larger Woodzeez set only to find most of the pieces missing!

    • Replyby Katherine Erikson

      Hi Rebecca! We’re sorry to hear that you had issues with missing parts. We’d love to help you sort out your problem – please get in touch with our customer service at and we will help you find a solution!

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