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The Quickquack Ducks (New Look)"Round-the-Pond Boat Tours"

The Riverdipper Hippos"Ready for the Runway"

The Snipadoodles Sheep"Baabaa Spa & Hair Salon"

The Tailfeather Cardinals"The Sunflower Surprise"

The Tidyshine Turtles"Clean-as-a-Whistle Tidying Team"

The Tippytail Foxes"Cares-a-Lot Kindergarten"

The Toddlewaddle Penguins"Making a Splash in the Woodland School"

The Van North Polar Bears"The Safety Department's Icy Emergency"

The Vanderhoof Moose (New Look)"Happy Camper Adventure"

The Whiskerelli Cats"Honeysuckle Sweets & Treats"