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14 Carrot Gold

Growing a garden is the closest thing to magic. I, Elliot Hoppingood, was not born with a green thumb but over time I have learned to make mini miracles happen with a pile of dirt, a bit of water and some help from the sun. Plants are like people! You might be surprised but it is true – each one is unique and needs something different to thrive. Some plants like the shade while others flourish in the heat. But one thing is true for all plants and all people – love is the secret ingredient for growth. 

I show my plants love in different ways. When it is still dark outside, and I am waiting for the sun to rise, I walk between rows and rows of soil and soon-to-be-green. Sometimes I tell stories to the seedlings, whistle or belt out old showtunes from musicals. The plants seem to really like, “The Sun will Come Out Tomorrow”. You might not believe me, but I am convinced that the songs make the plants grow faster and stronger. I like to imagine the seeds doing a little dance party in the ground – a boogie oogie as they prepare to break free from the earth. Days will pass and nothing will seem different until one morning – there will be a sprig of green peeking out of the ground… then another, and another. Until there is a path of plants as far as the eye can see. Abracadabra! Mother nature does it again – with a bit of extra help from me, Elliot.  

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