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2022’s Ultimate Gift Guide from Li’l Woodzeez

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Dive right into the charming world of Honeysuckle Hollow with gifts from Li’l Woodzeez! Wholesome, hands-on, and brimming with details, these toys were made for playtime you can feel good about.  

Let’s find which toy your kiddo will love most! 

For the Little Animal Lover

Li’l Woodzeez figurines make adorable gifts for kids who love animals. Just pick the animals your child loves – or choose from our mixed bundles for even more fun!

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For the Kiddo Who Loves to Play House

From big toy houses to dollhouse furniture bundles, the Li’l Woodzeez have everything your child needs to bring their stories to life.  

Want more accessories with the Hillside Cottage? Don’t miss the deluxe version that also comes with 2 Li’l Woodzeez Famileez, a toy car, a patio set, and more!

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For the Li'l Foodie in the Family

Is your child a mini chef in the making? Check out our toy restaurants and shops that come with loads of pretend food! Don’t worry, there’s enough to share!

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For the Adventurer with a Big Imagination

Discover Li’l Woodzeez toy trucks and playsets inspired by exploring the outdoors! With these toys, kids can dream big and carry out the wildest stories. 

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