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6 Reasons Why Toy Animals are Great for Kids

Lil Woodzeez Benefits of Animal Toys
Lil Woodzeez Animal Toys
Toy animals can be found in just about every child’s playroom. But have you ever wondered why? Humans have put animals in their stories since the dawn of time. We see this in ancient cave paintings, folklore, and statues, not to mention the movies and video games of today. Kids are drawn to their unique characteristics – like superspeed and big, long ears – much like superheroes in colorful costumes.

Whether they are realistic or have human-like qualities, these beloved animal toys give kids a sense of comfort while inspiring imaginative play. They’re also great for teaching kids about empathy, compassion, and social skills! Isn’t that incredible? There’s more to your Li’l Woodzeez friends than you might think.

Here’s why children love animal toys, and all the reasons you should love them, too!

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Imaginative Play

Kids become creative storytellers when they play with figurines because the toys are so open-ended. There are no rules to playing pretend! With these toys, kids can create their own imaginary worlds, which encourages creativity, problem-solving, and innovation down the line.

Language Development

That’s right! Playing with figurines helps kids develop their communication skills. Although the toys cannot really talk, kids speak for them and create conversations between each character. To help with this skill, ask your kiddo about their toys’ thoughts and feelings and listen to the stories they tell.

Empathy and Compassion

Playing with toy animals gives kids a lifelong appreciation for living creatures. It also nurtures their emotional intelligence, since they mimic real-life situations with their animal friends. Things like feeding, clothing, and soothing their toys practices those important social skills we all need.

Screen-Free Play

Playtime that is real and hands-on is important for imagination, physical activity, and focus. It also lets kids be kids, free from any peer pressure they might find online. Imagination runs free in the world of Li’l Woodzeez!
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Motor Skills

It’s important that kids work on their dexterity, even when it’s playtime! Manipulating animal figurines and engaging with play food helps kids to develop their fine motor skills. Lots of Li’l Woodzeez playsets come with mini accessories that are both fun and helpful in this regard!

Timeless Toys

Toy animal figurines will never go out of style. They have sentimental value, each with names and personalities your child made for them, so you can trust that they’ll be around for a long time. Kids are never really “done” playing with figurines because they’re so open-ended!
At the end of the day, Li’l Woodzeez figurines are just plain cute! And that’s a reason as good as any. From motor skill development to problem-solving, there are so many benefits to playing with animal toys that both kids and grown-ups can enjoy. What do you love about them? Share with us in the comments below. Happy playing!

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