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The Woofington family is new to Honeysuckle Hollow. They run their very own theatre company and as you might imagine, they are friendly, creative and love to sing! It has been exciting and challenging moving to a new place. Woofington parents, Ava and Artie, have a great idea to help Allie and Alfie make some new friends in the community, this season they are putting on a holiday talent show 
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In November, Allie and Alfie were responsible for putting up posters all around the Hollow. Anyone could participate with any talent. They had a very big turnout for auditions, and it was a great chance to meet many of their neighbors.  There were tap dancers, magicians, balancing acts and even someone who could say the alphabet backwards in under one minute! Allie and Alfie gave them each advice to perfect their performances and started planning for the big night!  

“I can hardly believe the day has arrived,” Allie said the night before the holiday talent show.   

“I know! And it is going to be an amazing show… especially with our sweet surprise as the finale!”  

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The holiday talent show began with a bang, as Hip and Hop Croakalily came out and did skipping rope tricks together. Everyone was amazed with their jumping skills! They did not miss a beat. Next up came friends Lizz, Lila, Kya and Humphrey doing a series of card tricks. The night passed with so many incredible performances.  When the end came, Allie and Alfie appeared from the wings of the stage. Both Woofington bulldogs were wearing elf costumes and they carried a big lumpy sack that revealed presents inside.  
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“Hello everyone! Thank you for making this talent show into something truly special!” said Allie. 

“You have made us feel so welcome in Honeysuckle Hollow! And we cannot wait to host lots of plays, musical events and movie nights with everyone in the new year!” announced Alfie.    

“We have a little something to thank you all,” revealed Allie, “We have a small surprise for everyone – check your ticket number and when we call your number, come up to the stage for a gift!” 

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One by one the audience came up to get a small surprise before returning to their seat. Once the crowd quieted down, the whole Woofington family gathered round the piano to sing holiday songs. As the first notes rang out in the theatre, all the voices of Honeysuckle Hollow joined it and swayed to the music.  

Happy Holidays from Honeysuckle Hollow! 

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