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What is Your Babeez Name
Find Your Babeez Name
Want to join your Babeez friends on all their fun adventures? The first thing to do is to get your just-right Babeez name! All you need to do is complete the handy quiz below. With a Babeez name, you’ll be an official member of the Honeysuckle Hollow community, ready to get into fun times and happy hijinks.
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So, let’s get started with your first name! The first letter of your first name will determine your Babeez first name. 

What is the first letter of your first name?

Your Babeez First Name
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Amazing! Now for your last name. The first letter of your last name will determine your Babeez last name.

What is the first letter of your last name?

Your Babeez Last Name
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A Babeez name isn’t complete until you know your animal species. Are you a furry friend or a scaley pal? Find out below! 

What is your birth month?

Your Babeez Birth Month
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Now that you have your name, what is the color of your crib? Every baby needs a crib, so they can be oh-so comfy when it’s time for a snooze. Babeez cribs can be stacked, too! 

Bonus! What is your favorite season?

Your Babeez Season
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There you have it! What do you think of your Babeez name? Let us know in the comments what your Babeez name is below and be sure to share this with all your friends so they can join in on the fun. The more Babeez, the better!

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