Explore the NEW Royal Series

Come one, come all to the Royal Festival! On this special day, all the Li’l Woodzeez of Honeysuckle Hollow dress up in costume and head to Kingsley Castle for games, activities, and an epic feast! From a friendly game of tug-of-war to a gingerbread decorating station, there is so much to enjoy. Amongst the crowds of woodland pals, there’s Ripple Bogglesby in a dragon’s costume, True McHoot in wizard’s clothes, and the Kingsberry Lions in majestic getups. Everyone looks so fancy! At the end of the day, everyone will put their outfits on display during the costume parade. Do you have your costume ready? Come and play!

Discover the Royal Series

New toys, new stories to tell! This all-new series of fairytale toys has features and accessories like we’ve never seen before. Kids’ imaginations can run free as they build their enchanting Woodzeez worlds, with vibrant colors, delightful li’l details, and critters in fun costumes.

Royal Friendz

Say hello to the cutest critters in costume! Each set of animal figurines includes changeable outfits and an illustrated storybook about the Royal Festival. Collect all the Royal Friendz to mix and match!

Castle Rooms

Stackable and expandable, our castle room sets are compact li’l gifts with so much potential. Kids can get creative as they build the castles of their dreams for their Li’l Woodzeez friends.

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