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Father’s Day Fishing Trip – Interactive Game

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JUNE FISHING copy scaled
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It’s Dad’s special day! We are going to go on a big, big adventure with the Li’l Woodzeez crew and you get to choose and customize the journey as you go. Grab your dad and settle in as we take a trip for Father’s Day! (And there are no rules to this story. If you want to take a trip with your mom or a friend that works too!)

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Into the Forest! 

Father’s Day is a special day to honor the dad (or dads!) in our life. This year, the Nibblekin mice are going on an adventure to the nearby Honeysuckle Hollow forest. What do you think is something to do on your journey into the forest? 

A) Hunt for wildflowers. 

B) Try some bird watching. Is that a cardinal?!

C) Find some cool rocks for your rock collection.

D) Cross country skiing to break a sweat!

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Down By the River

You have arrived at the special secret spot! It is a place where the river meets the forest. Cozy and tucked away, it is the perfect place for some fishing and lunch. This is your first-time fishing at the Honeysuckle Hollow River. What a treat! What is the first thing you do? 

A) Set up your blanket and fishing tool kit.  

B) Check out the river for fish! 

C) Find a tree to relax underneath the shade.  

D) Invite over a few friends who are also on the riverbank.  

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A Present for Dad

You have brought a little something special for your dad. You wanted to surprise him! A fishing trip with the Nibblekin mice is a fun time but something personal is always a nice touch so you brought: 

A)  Chocolate cupcakes to share.

B)  A handmade card with a message inside.

C) A paper feather to add to his fishing cap.

D) An extra big hug (there is more where that came from!).  

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What a Catch! 

After a light lunch and many laughs, you, Dad and the Nibblekin gang settle in for some fishing fun. It seems the fishes are playing tricks on you today! Using small slices of cheese on hooks the fish are enjoying their snack. However, you are catching a lot more than fishes! What do you pull up on your fishing hook?

A) A big rubber boot!

B) A dancing crab!

C) And old felt hat!

D) A string of pearls!

It has been such a lovely day down by the river. All sun and no rain and some great company. The Nibblekin family invited you and your dad over for some dinner. They are serving boiled rubber boot! Just kidding, they are having spaghetti with tomato sauce.

Happy Father’s Day from the Li’l Woodzeez!

One thought on “Father’s Day Fishing Trip – Interactive Game

  1. Alexa says:

    It’s so much fun getting ready for Father’s day! thank you for little reminders.we will definitely use it;)And yes we love spaghetti with tomato sauce. Thank you Nibblekin family 💕

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