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CNT 2200 6224 FoxProfile 1200x600 scaled

The Bobbleez Legend

Deep, deep, deep in the Honeysuckle Hollow forest there is a Great Oak Tree. You would know it if you saw it right away. It stretches high above the surrounding trees, its branches curling up toward the sun. You have to really squint to see the tallest branches at the top. But if you squint long enough, you’ll see way, way, way up there – large acorns swinging sweetly in the breeze. These acorns are home to the Bobbleez.


The Bobbleez are mysterious creatures that live in the Great Oak Tree and get up to bit of mischief every now and again. The Bobbleez are most known for slipping into Honeysuckle Hollow and doing good deeds before anyone can catch them – like kindness fairies. They might finish baking a pie at the Tickle-Your-Taste-Buds bakery for the Bushytail squirrels or do a bit of clean-up for the Tidyshine turtles. The Bobbleez delight in surprises and the element of mystery just adds to their fun!

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Magical things happen in trees!

Let’s give a warm welcome to the Bobbleez!

Born in acorns in the Great Oak Tree,

Which one lives inside is a total mystery!

Bobbleez to covet, to collect and to share,

And if you’re oh-so-lucky, you might just snag the rare!

You might not make it to the Honeysuckle Hollow today and perhaps not tomorrow but lucky for you sometimes the magic acorns have a way of appearing! When you need a bit of mischief, a dose of kindness or both, the Bobbleez wiggle is sure to serve giggles.


In the daytime, the Bobbleez are safe and tucked away in their acorns. If, while under the Great Oak Tree you tilt your head upward and strain your ear and listen oh-so-closely, you will hear a quiet buzzing sound. Bees? No. Birds? Not this time. It is all the Bobbleez snoring in unison as they fall into a deep slumber. A night filled with adventure demands a day of napping.


Get to know all the unique and adorable Bobbleez

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