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Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Make Love Goggles

Want some rosy colored glasses? Make yourself see the love on Valentine’s Day with some love goggles! All you need is pipe cleaners and away you go. Create different sized heart-shaped frames in different colors and attach in the middle. Fit two hooks on either side for “arms” and voila! Make a pair for the whole family.

I Spy

I Spy but with a LOVEly twist! Play a Valentine’s Day game of I Spy with family and friends. To start you off, we have hidden 10 hearts in the image up top. Can you spot all 10? Try mixing it up by looking for red, pink and white things in your house or outside…If you look, there is always love to be found.

Wrap it Up

Make your own V-Day print with some heart shaped stencils! Get creative and use cookie cutters or create your own stencils with paper or even a ‘potato’ stamp (your parent or guardian can cut out a raw spud for you). Roll out some large paper and get stamping! Bonus: you can give your heart print to a loved one or use it as gift wrap!

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

What would Valentine’s Day be without the Valentine’s Day cards?! If you want to share a li’l love – we have you covered with these truly adorable Li’l Woodzeez free printable Valentine’s Day cards. Click here to download. 

Snow Hearts

You might be spending more time indoors in February. We recommend getting outside for some fresh air and even if there’s snow where you are – there are ways to be festive. Create some stencils inside with all different shapes of hearts. In a clean and empty spray bottle, combine water and food coloring. Go outside to the snowbanks and make a heart party with all kinds of shapes and sizes of hearts. Your neighbors will get to enjoy your art!

Heart Pops

Valentine’s Day is a day for enjoying a few treats! What about a heart pop?  In the winter, we described how to make delicious chewy rice treats. This recipe can be modified for Valentine’s Day and the taste is unmatched. Simply use a heart-shaped cookie cutter for your rice treats  and add a bit of red food coloring to the base for your perfect rice treats heart pops.  Download the treat recipe here. 

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