Get to Know the Rainbow Bobbleez

Rainbow Bobbleez
Rainbow Bobbleez
There’s a new bunch of Bobbleez in the Woodzeez world, and they’re as colorful as can be! From Paws the purple panda to Shelly the Peach sheep, each one brings a bright new personality to the Honeysuckle Hollow Forest. Which character do you think you relate to the most? Get to know them all and find out!
Rainbow Bobbleez

Macy Mouse

Where there are books, there is Macy! Macy Mouse loves to spend her time reading a good story. In the summertime, she can be found reading outside on a tree branch, and in the winter, she is wrapped up in a cozy blanket. Macy is a great friend who can always find you a book you’ll love to read!
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Chippy Chipmunk

Every morning, before any of the other Bobbleez are up, Chippy makes herself a cup of tea and listens to the sounds of the forest. She loves the peace and quiet of the morning! Later in the day, she’s up and about, collecting stickers and making colorful crafts.

Dan Duck

Dan the Duck is cool as a cucumber! Loyal and relaxed, he is a great friend to all the Bobbleez in the forest. Dan can usually be found listening to his friends’ stories and lending a helping hand in whatever projects they have going on. His favorite snack? Apple slices with peanut butter.
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Paws Panda

Paws is as caring as she is purple. Have you ever seen a panda in a sparkly purple dress? On rainy afternoons, she likes to bake cookies for all the Bobbleez in the forest. And, when she’s baked a few too many, she leaves them in town, at the Tickle-Your-Tastebuds bakery, for the Li’l Woodzeez to find!

Tali Turtle

Tali Turtle loves to sit by the pond and watch butterflies flutter by. She’s a big fan of every color in the rainbow and loves to find them in the wild. Yesterday, she found a purple flower, and today, she found a caterpillar with yellow stripes. Neat!
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Daisee Deer

Artistic and kindhearted, Daisee Deer sees good in everyone. She likes to look at the world through rose-colored glasses, so that every day is a good day. On a typical afternoon, you can find her singing songs and writing poetry in the Honeysuckle Hollow Forest.

Foster Frog

Can you guess which color is Foster’s favorite? That’s right – it’s red! Foster loves to hop around the woods and play practical jokes on his friends. He is known to leave gum drops in their lunch boxes and to surprise them with li’l gifts!
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Shelly Sheep

Shelly loves to knit! Her favorite thing to do is to knit sweaters, scarves, and hats for all her Bobbleez friends. This peachy sheep is very creative, always coming up with new patterns and thoughtful designs that use her friends’ favorite colors.

Percy Pig

Percy Pig is as fun as he is yellow! He loves to make people laugh and brighten their days with his sunny disposition. On most days, you can find him playing with the other Bobbleez or prepping a sweet snack that he will share.
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Kaia Koala

Adventurous and outgoing, Kaia loves new experiences. She loves to explore the Honeysuckle Hollow Forest and find new things to do. From tubing down the river to making macaroni noodle art, there’s never a dull moment with this colorful koala!

Marcus Moose

Marcus Moose is a happy camper! He loves to stroll around the forest in search of curious pebbles and plants. His favorite color is green, just like the leaves on the trees. Every day, you can find him on a hike with his Bobbleez friends.
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Sniffles Skunk

Sniffles is a sweetie pie! She likes to give her Bobbleez friends compliments and join them on all their adventures. Optimistic, funny, and kind, Sniffles also has a great sense of style! She is the friend that everybody needs.
Rainbow Bobbleez

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