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Gift Guide for Kids 2021

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Li’l Nibbles Diner

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It’s time to head to the Li’l Nibbles Diner for some good old comfort food. Cozy up at one of the booths, grab a cup of black coffee and a donut is a non-negotiable. From the black and white tiles to the iconic red and yellow ketchup and mustard bottles, this classic diner set up is a delicious dream for any Li’l Woodzeez toy lover!

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Hoppin’ Farmers Market Truck

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New this season, the Hoppin’ Farmers Market Truck is quickly becoming a fan favorite and it is not hard to see why! This cool toy vehicle comes with so much more than a typical car toy; this brings a whole world of storytelling in its pick up! With baskets of fruit and vegetables and its very own pop up stand – even in the winter, your little one can bring freshness to their Woodzeez friends. Beep beep! Here it comes…

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Li’l Woodzeez Bobbleez are the perfect stocking stuffers! Combining collectability with the element of surprise, each acorn comes with a character inside to love and add to your Li’l Woodzeez collection. For children who adore collecting or are building out their Honeysuckle Hollow universe, this is a small gift that packs a punch!
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Honeysuckle Market Square

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Your Li’l Woodzeez friends have people visiting for the holidays – they must prepare! To market, to market they go! Grab your shopping bag and lets spend a leisurely afternoon shopping at the Honeysuckle Market Square. This 24-piece store playset has functional lights that add that extra special realistic touch. Complete with shelves, toy food and a cash register – you might just intentionally forget something on your grocery list, for the opportunity to return!
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