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Gift Ideas for Li’l Storytellers


Gifting warms the soul. There’s nothing like watching a loved one’s face light up as you hand them a special something. It’s like being wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket!

Though it’s the thought that counts, we know that choosing a present can be tricky. Thankfully, the Woodzeez world is full of surprises and wonderful gifts to give. How should you begin your journey through Honeysuckle Hollow? It all starts here.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve come up with a list of Famileez and playsets for your child to enjoy. They’re cute, they’re colorful, and they’re all super detailed! Let’s find what your kiddo will love.


Figurines & Famileez

A Li’l Woodzeez set of figurines is a great place to start. Choose from dozens of different animal Famileez, like bunny rabbits or foxes!

Our animal figurines have movable arms and legs, and their necks can turn from side to side. Their hands can also grip onto small objects for even more imaginative play. Li’l Woodzeez Famileez have changeable outfits, too, so that kids can mix and match!

Tippytail Foxes

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Meet the Tippytail Foxes! This toy set comes with four animal characters and “Cares-a-Lot Kindergarten,” an original storybook about a hot summer’s day in Honeysuckle Hollow. 

  • Movable arms & legs 
  • Interchangeable clothes 
  • Storybook included 


Cottonball Rabbits

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Some Famileez are bigger than others! The Cottonball Rabbits are a hoppy family of 7 with 2 li’l babies, 1 child, 2 parents, and a set of grandparents. A bundle like this will fill up a dollhouse and offer lots of storytelling opportunities!

  • Family of 7 rabbits
  • Removable glasses and outfits
  • 2 baby characters and 1 child


Friendz Club Jungle Set

WZ6674 DP A

Looking for some variety? The Friendz Clubs are here to help.

In this Friendz Club Jungle Set, you’ll find an adorable elephant, monkey, lion, and hippo! Each one of these figurines has a unique look and a colorful outfit.

Our mixed bundles of figurines make excellent gifts for kids who love animals!

  • 4 different animal characters
  • Hands can hold objects
  • Easy to clean



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Bobbleez are great little gifts for kids who love surprises. These collectible, bobble-headed figurines each come in an unmarked acorn, so you never know what you’re gonna get!  

Pair them with a playset, pop them into a stocking, or gift them as a sweet surprise. If you’re lucky, you just might get a supreme rare Bobbleez with a golden crown!  

  • Mystery bobblehead figurines 
  • 80 Bobbleez to discover 
  • Golden acorns contain prizes 


Honeysuckle Playsets

Li’l Woodzeez playsets are detailed and vibrant, with rustic features and accessories that bring a child’s imagination to life. Pair one of these with a set of figurines for hours and hours of playtime! 

Family Treehouse

6147D Kid

Animal friends need homes, don’t you think? And this one is extra special. It’s a treehouse 

The Li’l Woodzeez Family Treehouse is wild and wonderful! There are 3 storeys, ladders, a swing, a slide, and even a crank elevator! This playset fits a whole lot of Woodzeez, and it has a ton of features for your little one to play with. 

  • 3-level treehouse with gazebo 
  • Detailed canopies & plank bridge 
  • Compatible with Woodzeez & other figurines 

Wondering what else we’ve got? Check out our other beautiful toy houses, like the Honeysuckle Hillside Cottage! 


Tickle-Your-Tastebuds Bakery

WZ6729 DP A 1

The Li’l Woodzeez are big foodies, so you can’t miss their food trucks and restaurants! The Tickle-Your-Tastebuds Bakery is full of adorable pies, breads, and sweet treats – perfect for little bakers!

  • Detailed bakery shop
  • 68 pieces of furniture & play food
  • Mini baking accessories


Bunk Bed Carrying Case

WZ6597 LS A 1

Bring your Woodzeez on the go with our portable playsets, like this Travel Suitcase Bunk Bed Set! It comes with over a dozen bedroom accessories, including a bunk bed, a lamp, and a chest full of miniature toys. Close up the suitcase and away you go!

  • Portable bedroom set
  • Furniture and accessories
  • Compatible with mini figurines


Vroomin’ Vehicles

With Li’l Woodzeez vehicles, your Honeysuckle pals can hit the road and go on adventures! These toys are just as detailed as our playsets, but they’re on wheels! Kids can play with their different compartments and roll these toys around, pretending to bring their Woodzeez from place to place. 

Breezy Buggy

WZ6549 6483 LS A 1 1

Go anywhere your imagination takes you with the Breezy Buggy! This little toy car is a real bargain, and it fits a family of four inside! Plus, it comes with a detachable suitcase that kids can load up with mini vacation essentials.  

  • Fits 4 Li’l Woodzeez 
  • Quality wheels 
  • Detachable suitcase 


Happy Camper Playset

6116D Kid

This bundle is a great gift for any kid who loves the outdoors! The Li’l Woodzeez Happy Camper Playset features a toy car, a camper van, kitchen accessories, and a set of living room furniture – everything you need for the best road trip ever!

  • Playset with toy car, camper & accessories
  • Camper attaches to back of car
  • No assembly required


Honeysuckle Airway

6153D dp d rev hs

Take playtime to the skies with Honeysuckle Airway, a toy airplane that opens up to reveal its cabin. Kids can spin the propellers, load up the luggage compartment, and serve their Woodzeez a tasty meal – just like a real flight!

  • Multiple moving parts
  • Mini pilot outfit
  • Play food, toy luggage & more


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