Gliding into the New Year


Siku Van North, Lolli Toddlewaddle, and Nibbles Handydandy love to play together, no matter the season! On a chilly January morning, the three friends met up at the skating rink, where they would practice their strokes and have some winter fun.

Siku, the polar bear, was the first to finish tying his skates. He then glided onto the ice and spun around in a quick circle. “New year, new tricks!” he said with a smile.

“Wait up!” said Lolli, the penguin. Lolli was the second to finish tying her skates. She then skated onto the ice very gracefully and made a bunny hop. “Nibbles, are you ready?”

Nibbles, the mouse, was the last to finish tying his skates. He carefully walked onto the ice and said, “I’m here!” as his legs wobbled from side to side.

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Together, the three friends skated on the ice, looping around the rink. “This year is going to be our best year yet!” said Siku. “If we put our minds to it, we can do anything.”

“My parents call that New Year’s resolutions,” Lolli replied. “They say that when a new year comes around, people make promises to do good things – like eating more vegetables or keeping their bedroom tidy! Do you have New Year’s resolutions, Siku?”

“Hmm,” Siku pondered, as he skated on one foot. “I’m going to read more books! What you about you two?”

“I’m going to start writing a journal,” said Lolli, then she skated backwards to look at Nibbles.

Nibbles was so focused on his skating that he couldn’t think of a resolution! “Uhh, I’m going to…“ he started, then he fell right onto the ice.

“Are you ok?” asked Siku.

“I’m ok!” said Nibbles. Nibbles got right back up and continued skating with his friends. A little slip wasn’t going to stop the fun!

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Lolli gave Nibbles a smile. “My mom said that she’s going to go on more walks,” said Lolli. “So, I’m going to walk with her too! Every day!” 

“That’s a good idea,” said Siku. “I’m going to help my parents with dinner. I can set the table!” 

Nibbles loved to hear his friends’ resolutions. “That’s so nice,” he said. “I think I’ll –” Nibbles took another step and slipped onto his hands and knees. “I think I’ll do that too,” he said as he got back onto his feet. 

Lolli danced on the ice, then made a pirouette. “My third resolution is to share my toys with my little brother. I think that would make him happy.” 

“And I’ll make my bed every morning!” Siku exclaimed. “My dad will love that.” 

Nibbles glided on his left foot, then his right. Finally, he started to skate like Siku and Lolli! But just as he looked up at his friends, Nibbles slipped again and sat on the ice. “I’m going to learn how to skate!” he said with a laugh.  

“And we’re going to help you!” said Siku and Lolli, as they got their friend back up on his feet. With their eyes on the prize, they could do anything.  

Snowflakes 2

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