Let's Celebrate

I Spy in the Town Square

Town Square
Honeysuckle Hollow is bright with holiday spirit! The town square is frosted with snow, and the stores are lined with colorful decorations. From twinkling stars to red ribbons and bows, there’s so much to enjoy!


Are you ready to celebrate the season? Let’s play a game of I Spy and see which wonders we can find!


I Spy with my Little Eye...

  • Something that is minty and striped (Candy cane)
  • Something that falls from the sky (Snowflake)
  • Something that is geometric and bright (Star)
  • Something that is put under the tree (Gift box)
  • Something that Santa Claus would wear (Santa hat)
  • Something that is sweet and a li’l spicy (Gingerbread cookie)
  • Something that is orange (Carrot)
  • Something that is tied in a knot (Red bow)

How did you do?

How many wonderful things did you find in the image? Let us know in the comments below!

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