Interactive Story: A Dinner Fit for Fitzmoos

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and Angus Fitzmoo is shopping at the Honeysuckle Hollow General Store. He needs to get all the ingredients for his Thanksgiving dinner, but he’s not sure what to choose!

Shall we head inside and give Angus a hand? Let’s go!

Ring-a-ling-ding went the door chime.

“Hi there, Angus!” said Maverick GrayPaws, the owner of the General Store. “How can I help you today?”

“Hi Maverick!” said Angus. “I’m having a big dinner tomorrow with my family! But I’m not sure where to begin. Could you help me out?”

“Absolutely!” said Maverick. “The first thing you need to decide is your main course, the biggest part of your meal. Take a look around the store, there’s lots to choose from!”

What should Angus select for the main course?

1. Fresh salmon. The flavors are so rich and comforting!

2. Green bean casserole, extra crisp!

3. Roasted squash and cauliflower hash. Yum!

4. Lasagna! It’s so cheesy and easy to share.

“Excellent choice!” said Maverick. “Very nutritious and delicious. Let me get that for you and I’ll wrap it up.”

“Thank you,” said Angus. He then pondered if the main course would be enough food. There are many brown cows in the Fitzmoo family! “What would you recommend as a side dish, Maverick?”

“Great question!” the shopkeeper replied. “Check out our vegetables, soups, and breads! We have lots of options that would go well with your main course. The key is to choose something your guests would love most!”

“That’s great advice!” said Angus.

What would make a delicious side dish?

1. A fresh loaf of bread to warm up in the oven. It smells oh-so good!

2. A savory soup. The flavors will complement the main course!

3. A big green salad. Drizzle in the dressing and voilà! Dinner is served.

4. Mashed potatoes. They’re irresistibly fluffy and buttery!

Good thinking! The Fitzmoo family is all set to enjoy a lovely meal.

“Will you be serving a dessert, as well?” asked Maverick.

“Oh, dear! I hadn’t thought of that,” Angus replied. “My little ones sure love a tasty treat. What would you suggest?”

“Well, you’re in luck!” said Angus with a smile. “We just got a bunch of desserts from the Tickle-Your-Tastebuds bakery. Some are sweet, some are savory, and some of them are jam-packed with fruity flavor – just take your pick!”

Which dessert should Angus choose?

1. Chocolate cake. The icing is so sweet!

2. Pumpkin pie – a classic Thanksgiving treat!

3. Banana cream pie! You’d go bananas for this dessert.

4. Strawberry shortcake. Who says you can’t have berries in November?

Wow! Talk about yummy!

Maverick Graypaws brought the dessert over to the cash register, then packed everything together for Angus to take home. “Thank you for coming to the General Store, Angus! I sure hope you have a lovely dinner with your family.”

“Thank you, Maverick!” said Angus. Angus couldn’t wait to bring all his goodies back home to his family. The Fitzmoos were going to have the best Thanksgiving ever! Will you join them? There’s a seat at the table, just for you!

Let us know what kind of dinner your little one picked for Angus by posting in the comments below or by tagging us @LilWoodzeez. Happy Thanksgiving!

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