Interactive Story: Bake Pies with the Bushytails

Fall is an exciting season for the bakers and cooks of Honeysuckle Hollow! So many fruits and vegetables are fresh from the farm, ripe and ready to be enjoyed.  

On this beautiful fall day, the Bushytail Squirrels have invited you to bake pies with them at the Tickle-Your-Tastebuds Bakery. They’re going to teach you all the tips and tricks you’ll need to make a perfect fall pie!  

Is that a YES? Wonderful! Let’s go! 


Gather Ingredients

“The secret to a delicious pie is to use fresh ingredients,” says Maggie Bushytail. “Fall foods are in season, so now is the time to pick them up and bake ’em into pies! We need to run errands all over town and get the bakery ready.” 

How will you lend a helping hand?  

  1. Go apple picking with Oliver and Henry. 
  2. Go to the pumpkin patch with Maggie. 
  3. Pick up ingredients at the General Store. 
  4. Tidy up the bakery with Honeybun. 


Prepare for Baking

Great work! And, what a haul! The bakery is filled to the brim with freshly picked apples and pumpkins, as well as flour, pecans, syrup, sweet potatoes, and more! Now that you have all the ingredients, it’s time to prep them for the pies.  

How will you prepare the ingredients? 

  1. Wash and peel the fruit. 
  2. Chop the pecans.  
  3. Puree the pumpkins.  
  4. Make the dough.  


Choose Your Flavor

Great choice! Working together makes baking so much easier.  

The bakery’s countertops are covered in bowls of tasty fillings and balls of sticky dough, ready for the next step. With these fall ingredients, the Bushytails are making 4 different kinds of pies. “Everyone, pick a flavor and start putting your pies together,” says Oliver Bushytail.  

What kind of pie will you bake? 

  1. Apple pie. It’s so fresh and juicy! 
  2. Pumpkin pie. Who can resist those spices? 
  3. Sweet potato pie. You love its rich flavor! 
  4. Pecan pie. You’d go nuts for this nutty dessert! 



It’s all coming together! The Bushytails have shown you how to roll out the pie dough, place it carefully into pie plates, then scoop your delicious filling and spoon it into your pies. Now for the final step: decorating! 

How will you decorate your pie? 

  1. Cut shapes into the dough like a paper snowflake.  
  2. Make a lattice crust by crisscrossing strips of dough. 
  3. Put no crust on top but make the filling look pretty.  
  4. Use cookie cutters to put fun shapes into the crust. 

Wonderful pies! The Bushytail family agrees that you have real baking talent.  

All the pies have been removed from the ovens and put on the shelves for the bakery’s customers. Mmh… The Tickle-Your-Tastebuds bakery smells amazing! 

Which pie-making adventure did your little one choose? Share their story in the comments and come back anytime for a lesson on how to bake pies. Oh, here’s one that you can take home – enjoy!  


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