Interactive Story: Build a Snowman with the Wagadoodles


When snow falls, the Wagadoodles know just what to do: they bundle up and play outside! Nothing makes winter more fun than playing together in the snow. Today, they’d like you to join them in building a snowman! You’ll get to choose which way this winter story goes as you play along with your Li’l Woodzeez friends.

Will you play with the Wagadoodles? You will?! Excellent. Let’s go!


Wagging their tails with excitement, the Wagadoodles are gathered in the foyer of their home. They can’t wait to go outside and build a snowman!

“First things first,” mom Wanda announces. “Before we play in the snow, we’ve got to dress up warmly. Grab your mittens, your jackets, and your hats! Make sure that you’re well dressed for the cold.”

What does your winter outfit look like?

  1. A pom-pom toque and a polka-dotted snowsuit that’s an all-in-one piece. No seams, no stress!
  2. An extra-large, fluffy coat that keeps you nice and cozy. It’s even got ears on the hood!
  3. A raspberry beret, a yellow knitted scarf, and zebra-striped snowpants. Funky!
  4. A puffy white jacket, neon ski pants, big black boots, and rainbow goggles for a li’l flair.


You’ve got style!

Once everyone was bundled up, the group headed into the snow-covered yard. The snow is fresh and just a little wet – perfect for rolling into balls and stacking into a jolly snowman.

What will you do to get started?

  1. Roll snowballs with Spark and Scoot Wagadoodle.
  2. Gather some pebbles and branches. The snowman will need arms!
  3. Help Chester and Wanda push big balls of snow, then stack them together.
  4. Make snow angels with little Tumble, Rumble, and Romp.


Good work! The snowman is coming together, with three balls of snow stacked perfectly on top of each other. Together, you gave the snowman branches for arms and a carrot for a nose. Then, you gave him a pair of eyes, a smile, and three shirt buttons by using pebbles.

“It’s time we dressed him up a little bit,” says dad Chester, as he gazes at the snowman. “What do you say, kiddos? Should we give him a scarf? Perhaps a fancy hat?”

What will you use to dress the snowman?

  1. A top hat and a red scarf for a classic look.
  2. A pair of aviator sunglasses and old headphones.
  3. A paper captain’s cap and an eye patch. Ahoy, mateys!
  4. A pink feather boa and an old purse. Simply fabulous!
  5. A combination of all the above!


Wow! The snowman looks incredible, and the Wagadoodle Dogs are so happy with the result. They had so much fun building the snowman with you!

“Mom, Dad, can we keep playing?” asks Spark.

“Of course!” Wanda replies. “There’s still plenty of time for snowy adventures! What should we do next?”

How will you continue playing with the Wagadoodles?

  1. Go sledding at the park. You have a need for speed!
  2. Create a giant artpiece with your footsteps in the snow.
  3. Build an epic snow fort! You’re an architect by nature.
  4. Build more snow people of all shapes and sizes!


What a day! As the sun begins to set, the Wagadoodles thank you for joining them. It’s time to go home and warm up, then get ready for more winter games tomorrow.

How did your little one dress up and decorate their snowman? Let us know in the comments below!


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