Interactive Story: Go Camping with the Woodzeez

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There is nothing Li’l Woodzeez love more than an adventure in the great outdoors! When the weather warms, the citizens of Honeysuckle Hollow start planning for trips near and far. The youth often go camping in the local forests. This trip, you are invited. Will you join Poppy, Willie, Howie, and Pete? You will?! Wonderful!

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Start Packing!

It’s time to prepare yourself for going camping. If you are camping in the woods, you will need a sleeping bag and a tent. Your parents packed your sunscreen and snacks. You decide to add what extra item into your backpack?

  1. A big flashlight to find your way at night.
  2. A bag of marshmallows to share with your friends.
  3. Your swimsuit – you never know when you might find a river.
  4. Some comic books to read with your buddies.

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Woodzeez in the Woods

You have found an incredible spot in the Honeysuckle Hollow Forest. It is cozy and surrounded by high trees that create a leafy roof over your head. It is time to prepare the camp site! What will you do to help?

  1. Put up the tents! You are a great builder.
  2. Gather sticks and dried leaves for an amazing bonfire!
  3. Start preparing the veggies for dinner.
  4. Go exploring in the surrounding area for areas to play.

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Choose your bed bunking buddy!

Things are shaping up! All the tents are set up and the camp grounds have been swept and cleared. You have logs set up to sit around the fire and be extra cozy. Your dinner is simmering. There is only one small challenge there are four tents and (including you) five friends! Who would you like to share a tent with? 

  1. Willie the moose
  2.  Poppy the cardinal
  3.  Howie the fox
  4.  Pete the owl

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Forest Friends

Great choice! Now that we are all cozy by the bonfire and the logs are set up to sit close by. Lets choose a special evening activity. What would you like to do?

  1. Tell spooky ghost stories!
  2.  Watch the sky for shooting stars!
  3.  Make delicious gooey s’mores in the fire!
  4.  Plan tomorrow’s canoe trip on the lake!

What an awesome first day of camping! We are so happy you joined the Li’l Woodzeez Forest Friends. We knew you were the perfect addition. Time to head off to bed – we need to get an early start tomorrow and rise with the sun for more camping adventures. 

One thought on “Interactive Story: Go Camping with the Woodzeez

  1. Ashley says:

    My daughter picked:
    Question 1: A bag of marshmallows to share with your friends.
    Question 2: Put up the tents! You are a great builder.
    Question 3: Poppy the cardinal
    Question 4: Make delicious gooey s’mores in the fire!

    That was fun!

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