Let’s Play

MARS PARK scaled
MARS PARK scaled

Slide, glide, climb and swing! It’s time to head to the Li’l Woodzeez Play Park. When Spring arrives, the children of Honeysuckle Hollow flock to the park to meet up with their friends. It does not matter who shows up, tall, small, young, or old – at the Play Park, the only rule is fun for all. There are always so many cool things to do! Some love the slide best, while others prefer to swing. There is an unofficial (very official) club house. You climb up the rope ladder to get to it. Once you are at the top, it is the perfect spot to tell stories with friends, invent secret handshakes or get an incredible view of who is arriving from across the park. If you get tired of swinging, running, hopscotch and skipping there are some great options to chill out with a best bud. You can get on the seesaw or make a sand creation in the sand box! Every day in the Play Park is a chance to make a friend. 


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