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Life is Like A Dozen Donuts


A cup of coffee is not just a cup of coffee. A donut is not just a donut. At Li’l Nibbles Diner, a donut and a coffee are an invitation. An invitation to what you ask? Great question. They are an invitation to talk and sometimes to even make a new friend. That is why, even though I – Grandpa Boris Cottontail – should retire I accepted a part-time job at the diner. My family always says, “Boris it is time to take a break.” But when a new friend is just a cup of coffee away… Who can say no to that? 



Each morning, I put on a crisp white apron. It is waiting for me at the end of the counter at Li’l Nibbles. I flip on the lights and feel a bit of magic run through me, as I look out across the empty diner. I know that in an hour it will be buzzing with customers, settling in for breakfast. Every time the bell rings, as a customer comes through the front door, it is my cue to grab my notepad and head to their table. I run through the specials of the day – sometimes it is a tuna melt or a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. Customers often ask for my advice on what the best thing to order is. At Li’l Nibbles it is the donuts! We have every flavor you can imagine and each one is different, special and worth a try!  


I think of my customers that come through the door like donuts. Some are colorful and bursting with stories to tell – like a jelly donut. Some are quiet and reserved. They take a bit of warming up to feel comfortable to be their full flavor, like a glazed donut fresh out of the oven. But each of my customers has a space inside just like a hole in a donut. It is a space that a new friend fills. So, I am always ready with my coffee pot, to come pour a fresh cup and sit down for a quick chat. At Li’l Nibbles the conversation is always delicious.

One thought on “Life is Like A Dozen Donuts

  1. Ashley and Isis says:

    My daughter and I would like a bakers dozen of donuts Grandpa Boris!

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