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Life on Land


Meet Rob Croakalily!

Life on land is overrated. People think of the water and some associate it with the cold or dark – perhaps even the unknown. From one frog to a friend, water is freedom. When I am in a pond, I feel weightless both literally and figuratively. With no resistance,  my thoughts float freely until it feels that I have no thoughts at all. You might say, I have an advantage and that I am bias because my body is built for river livin’. There’s a touch of truth to this but it is hard to compete on a midsummer’s evening, when your lily pad has a front row seat to the orchestra that is the many creatures calling out on water. Sweet chirping crickets, newly born birds – even the fish play their part sending a crack or a ripple down the water. Life has its own pace on the water. If you don’t mind me saying, I think it would suit you well.  

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