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Li’l Nibbles Diner


The holidays are fast approaching in Honeysuckle Hollow. And just like you, everyone has their traditions! The weather forecast is calling for a snowstorm, but friends, Humphrey Riverdipper, Cassi Cottonball and Toby Curlicue meet up every year to share a cup of cocoThe friends love to laugh, catch up and reflect on their fun memories of the year. Tonight, they are heading to one of their favorite spots, the Li’l Nibbles diner.  

HotCocoa 1

All three arrive just as the snow starts to fall. As snowflakes swirl outside, the three long time best friends grab a cozy seat by the windows. The  Li’l Nibbles diner is quiet tonight, but they don’t mind at all. Every time they reunite the laughs come quickly.  They look over the Li’l Nibbles menu and decide to share a fruitcake. Each orders a hot chocolate and Cassi asks for extra whip cream. “Coming right up!” the waiter calls out.  

HotCocoa 1

“I am so glad everyone could make it!” says Humphrey as he ties his napkin round his neck.  


“Me too! What a year it has been!” agrees Cassi before continuing, “Ok, who is going to go first! What is your very favorite memory of the year?”  


“I will go first! My favorite memory from this year was our big annual Honeysuckle Hollow picnic,” announces Toby.  


“Yes!!!” both Cassi and Humphrey nod their heads. And just as they shouted their agreement, the hot chocolates arrive at the table.  

HotCocoa 1

As the evening continues, their chatter gets faster, and the snow falls faster too. They order multiple rounds of hot chocolate and barely notice as the snow gathers on the ground outside. The time passes as they talk of old and new friends, until the window is almost fully frosted, and Toby’s ears perk up.  


“Hey, look outside!” he says his eyes wide with excitement.   


Humphrey and Cassi peer out the window and all three sigh at the beauty of the freshly fallen snow sparkling under a dark sky.  There is a moment of quiet as they take in the winter wonderland.  


“I have an idea!” Cassi pipes up, “there is still time to make a few more fun memories this year…” 


Humphrey can see the twinkle in Cassi’s eyes. “Are you thinking what I am thinking?!” 


“Let’s do it!” cries Toby.  

HotCocoa 1

The three friends pull on their winter coats, hats, scarves and gloves and run out into the crisp evening. The snow has stopped falling but the soft fluffy mounds of untouched snow remain.  


“On the count of three!” instructed Cassi, “One, two, three!” 


The three friends join hands and together leap into a big pile of snow as laughter echoes out into the night.    

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