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Living Inside of an Acorn


Life of a Bobbleez

A lot of people complain about small apartments. But there are actually many advantages to living in a tiny space. First, you rarely lose anything. Glasses, car keys, lip gloss, wallet or top hat – when you live inside an acorn all these essentials are within reach. Sure, I don’t have a panoramic view of the ocean and there is no concierge. And, occasionally finding parking can be a real issue; it is generally frowned upon to park your car in the forest. However, when it comes to cleaning, I save – So. Much. Time.  It takes me all of 5 minutes to dust my acorn top to bottom and inside out. Some people ask me if it gets stuffy inside and the honest answer is – it can. But all I need to do is lift the lid to my acorn and my ceiling is a sky full of clouds or stars. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – no condo fees.  
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