Lolli Goes to School

After a long and wonderful summer, the big day had finally arrived. School was back in session in Honeysuckle Hollow! For little Lolli Toddlewaddle, it was her very first day of grade school. She was going to the Woodland Schoolhouse, where all the Li’l Woodzeez children learn their A-B-Cs and their 1-2-3s, and she was so excited to get started.  

Lolli and her parents walked to the school, hand in hand, and gave each other big hugs before the start of class. “Enjoy your first day of school, Lolli,” said her mother, Paige. “It’s going to be so much fun!”  

“You bet!” Lolli replied, chin up and eyes bright. She had heard many fun stories about school and spent her whole summer looking forward to it. There would be so many things to learn!

Feeling brave, Lolli quickly found her classroom and took a seat in the front row. Every student had their own desk, and there was a big blackboard at the front of the room. “This is awesome,” Lolli thought. “I get my own space! 

All the other Li’l Woodzeez kids in Lolli’s class took their seats, too, one by one. “Hi,” said a friendly voice. Lolli turned to her right and met a grey squirrel sitting at the desk beside her. “I’m Tulip Bustleberry,” said the squirrel. “Nice to meet you!” 

“Hi there!” Lolli replied with a big smile on her face. “I’m Lolli. It’s nice to meet you too!” Then, Lolli thought to herself, “oh boy! I’m going to make so many friends!

Suddenly, a bell rang from outside the classroom, “RRRRIIING!”  

“Hello, students! That bell means that it’s time for class. I’m Mrs. Suzy Tippytail, and I’ll be your teacher this year. Welcome to the Woodland Schoolhouse!” 

Mrs. Suzy then gave the class a lesson on addition and subtraction, drawing figures on the board to make things clear. Lolli loved every minute of it! Everyone was learning and laughing together. Lolli felt like she could do anything as she learned how to solve number problems.  

This is so cool,” Lolli thought. I can’t wait to learn how to add even bigger numbers, like my parents can. I wonder what’s next!

Following their first math lesson, Mrs. Suzy announced, “now we’re going to have a lesson on writing words. Everyone will get a workbook, and together we’ll write down the alphabet. Then, we’ll make words!” 

Ooh,” Lolli whispered to Tulip. “We get to learn how to write! I can’t wait to write my name. 

“Me too!” Tulip giggled.  

Mrs. Suzy passed workbooks around to everyone in class, then everyone brought out their pencils and erasers. Together, they traced letters and words, like cat, dog, and house. Lolli thought this was so exciting. She read storybooks with her parents at home, and now she was learning how to write the words herself. She felt that she’d be writing her own stories in no time.

RRRRIIING!” rang the bell. Lolli wondered what it meant this time. 

“OK class, it’s time for recess!” said Mrs. Suzy. “Let’s get outside and play!” 

Recess!?” Lolli couldn’t believe it – no one had told her about recess. What a surprise! Lolli, Tulip, and all her other classmates were thrilled as they went outside to play in the schoolyard. Together, they played tag, hopscotch, and all sorts of other games. 

School was even better than Lolli imagined, and the best part was that they’d do it again tomorrow!


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  1. E says:

    This so a cute story! Thanks for the sweet tale. Love the character’s names! Thanks again!

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