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Meet Redd Tailfeather


Close your eyes. No peeking now! Ok, sit back and imagine yourself in a garden but not just any garden an enormous flower garden. Every color of flower surrounds you: bright red poppies, vivid orange chrysanthemums, tall yellow daffodils, lush pink roses, and purple irises as far as the eye can see! You are surrounded by beauty in all its shades but even with your eyes closed – did you know you can enjoy a garden? It is true! Can you guess how? Well, it is with your nose of course!  


Working at the Li’l Petals Flower Shop, my nose gets thoroughly spoiled. When I walk in each morning, I am greeted by the freshest perfume of florals and each season it is a different blend – depending on what is blooming. Spring is my favorite season. We have tulips at the Li’l Petals Flower Shop in every color you can think of and just as many neighbors coming through our door to choose their favorite hue.  Sometimes people are surprised that I opened a flower shop. The truth is, I’ve had a bird’s eye view of the seasons changing year after year. From the sky, you get to take in the beauty of the earth below, but you can’t dip your nose down easily to take in the fragrance. Now, I don’t need to go any further than my front door to see a rainbow in bloom.  And those early mornings when my eyes are barely open yet, I can still smell the rainbow.

2 thoughts on “Meet Redd Tailfeather

  1. Jeremy Caraway says:

    We look forward to these emails every month, thank you!

  2. Carol says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Redd Tailfeather. It is simply lovely! 🙂
    I am so glad to have subscribed my email to the Li’l Woodzeez newsletter to be notified for this sweet post!
    This is just so adorable, it brightened up my day!

    P.S. did you by any chance accidentally misspell nose as ‘noise’ in the second paragraph?

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