Meet the Woofingtons

The Woofington Bulldog family
The Woofington Bulldog family

Did you hear? There is a new family in town! Meet the Woofingtons! The Woofingtons are a family of four bulldogs – parents Alli and Alfie and kids Artie and Ava. They run the Honeysuckle Theater. These four bulldogs love all things entertainment. From putting on plays to choreographing dances – they really bring that extra pizzazz and sparkle! They are looking forward to hosting themed film nights, spoken word poetry and live performances at the Honeysuckle Theater they run. Will they bring some stars into Honeysuckle Hollow? Only time will tell…! But keep your dark sunglasses close and that velvet rope just might make an appearance and in the meantime we will roll out that red carpet for the Woofington gang.

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