Ohh Baa Baa!




The Fitzmoo family have a big surprise in store for their Mom Daisy Mae! Mother’s Day is around the corner and they want to show how much they care. As a gift they have planned a day of pampering at the Baabaa Spa & Hair Salon. Let’s see what is in store for mama moo this fine day!  

“Hello Daisy Mae!” salon owner Ozzie Snipadoodle calls out a greeting as Daisy Mae enters the salon.  

“Why hello Ozzie! I am so happy to join you on this fine day. I have been thinking about what I should do, and I just cannot make up my mind! This was a total surprise,” said Daisy Mae with excitement.  

“I have a few ideas and some surprises up my sleeve. Take a seat here in this chair and relax. Let me take your jacket.” 


With that Ozzie began to prepare Daisy Mae for a lovely day and a complete Fitzmoo makeover.  


“We are going to start from your toes and end with your head! Put your feet in this tub for a sudsy soak,” instructed Ozzie.  

Daisy Mae could get used to this! Her days are busy running the household with papa Angus Fitzmoo and looking after their five kids Dixon, Tucker, Millie, Lillie and Sillie. But today was just for her to enjoy!  

“What do you think of a new hairstyle? Something fresh for spring?” asked Ozzie.  

“That could be nice!” said Daisy Mae.  


Ozzie brought over a few wigs for Daisy Mae to try on and get a look at herself in the mirror. One was bright orange and had a fun flip. There was a long black one and one with curls, some were wavy and short while others were straight and multi-colored.  

Once Daisy Mae had selected a style, Ozzie took out a pair of scissors and began to zig and zag. He snipped away as tuffs of Daisy Mae’s hair flew through the air.  

“Voila! What do you think?!” Ozzie exclaimed, turning Daisy Mae’s chair to face the mirror and get a good look at her polished nails and toes and her funky new hairstyle. 


“I love it! It looks marvelous!” Daisy Mae peered into the mirror, smiling at her reflection. 


At that moment, her three youngest kids burst into the salon. Triplets Millie, Lillie and Sillie did a triple take.  

“Do you like it?” Daisy Mae asked her triplets – showcasing a blue bob.  

“Like it? We love it!” said Millie.   

“And we love you!” said Lillie.  

 Daisy Mae glowed.  


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